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The staff of GREY2K USA Worldwide consists of Director of Research Patrick Baga, Communications Director Maria Moyser and Office Coordinator Caroline Williams. We are also very grateful for the continued guidance of communications expert, Danielle Festa and her sidekick Brody. Our team members use their special talents to help end dog racing and promote the adoption of ex-racers. Gina, Brooklyn and Derrek are here every day to cheer them on, and dedicated volunteer Julie Neubauer rounds out the team.

Patrick and Derrek

Patrick Baga, Director of Advocacy and Research

Patrick holds a BA and an MA in Politics from the University of New Hampshire. His thesis focused on the factors, most notably class interest and historical memory, that influence public perception of institutions in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

Patrick sees the liberation of people and animals as interlinked. In his downtime, Patrick enjoys following sports and visiting new places. He adopted his first greyhound, Derrek, in November 2020. Email patrick@grey2kusa.org.


Maria Moyser, Director of Communications

Maria is a communications specialist who loves working with nonprofits dedicated to animal welfare. She is a long-term volunteer with Brooklyn Animal Action and is very enthusiastic to now be advocating for greyhounds. She currently has two lovely rescued cats, Romeo and Kara. Email maria@grey2kusa.org.


Caroline Williams, Office Coordinator

Caroline has a lifelong devotion to nonprofits. She has volunteered at nursing facilities, shelters, AIDS clinics, and after-school programs, to name just a few! Caroline loves traveling, practices yoga, and knits. Email caroline@grey2kusa.org.


Danielle Festa, Communications Consultant

Danielle has been the web developer for GREY2K USA Worldwide since 2010 and continues to bring her technical, design and marketing related expertise to the table. Danielle works with her own rescue dog assistant, Brody. Being a visual artist as well, she has created a line of watercolor greyhound cards and prints for our online shop. Email danielle@grey2kusa.org.


Julie Neubauer, Office Volunteer

Julie has been volunteering since 2007 and helped pass the Greyhound Protection Act of 2008, the Massachusetts ballot question that closed the Wonderland and Raynham dog tracks. She shares our commitment to ending dog racing worldwide and continues to help in our Arlington office on a regular basis. Julie is a wonderful member of our team!


Gina, Top Dog

Gina was born in Texas in 2010 and raced nearly 200 times in Florida. She wags her tails in big circles and kisses everyone who comes to the office. Email gina@grey2kusa.org.


Brooklyn, International Ambassadog

Brooklyn raced in two countries, Australia and Macau (China) before sparking our international campaign to #CloseTheCanidrome. He was rescued with over 500 of his fellow hounds. He is truly a gentle soul. Watch his video.


Derrek, Office Pup

Derrek was born in 2017 and raced nearly sixty times in Alabama and Florida. He greets everyone with a gigantic smile, and is relishing having older siblings around, in Brooklyn and Gina, who can teach him how to best receive snacks throughout the day.


Hope, Ambassadog 2002-2015

Hope was a greyhound rescued from the now-shuttered Wonderland dog track. As one of our "ambassadogs," she educated people about greyhound racing on her walks every day. Hope is also the namesake of our bequest program, the Hope Fund.


Zoe, Resident Greyhound 2002-2014

Zoe was a sweet reminder of all the greyhounds we are working to save. Peanut butter was her favorite thing in the world! "ZoZo" came to work each day and proudly wore her campaign jacket throughout our original Massachusetts campaign.

Rita and Marion

Rita Escor and Marion Penney, Office Volunteers 1999-2013

Rita and Marion are best friends who volunteered in our original office in Davis Square, Somerville. Our work for the greyhounds would have been impossible without them. Marion has rescued eight greyhounds, including Sandy who appears in this photo.

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