The following documents provide details on many aspects of the greyhound racing industry, including animal cruelty issues and the history of greyhound racing in various states.

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High Stakes Report

Our second Greyhounds Around the Globe conference was co-sponsored by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports and began with the release of our groundbreaking new report, Rewarding Cruelty: Greyhound Racing in Ireland.

You may read the report online or for a donation of $10, we will send an official copy right to you.

Order a copy of Rewarding Cruelty >>

High Stakes Report

The drugging of greyhounds has been an open secret in the dog racing world for years. Dogs in this industry are testing positive for drugs at racetracks across the United States.

Read our report “No Confidence: Drugs in the American Greyhound Racing Industry” to learn more.

High Stakes Report

GREY2K USA Worldwide released the first comprehensive report on the humane and economic aspects of greyhound racing in the United States.

Read our report for an in-depth look inside this cruel industry.

High Stakes Report

This report on greyhound racing in Great Britain is a joint product of the League Against Cruel Sports and GREY2K USA Worldwide. Both organisations believe that commercial greyhound racing is inhumane and has no place in British society.

Read the report to learn about greyhound racing in Britain from a humane perspective.

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