GREY2K USA Worldwide Board Members

GREY2K USA Worldwide is led by a group of experienced, humane-minded directors who are committed to protecting greyhounds and working together to end the cruelty of dog racing. Collectively, our directors have decades of experience working with lawmakers to pass stronger animal protection laws and volunteering for greyhound adoption organizations.

GREY2K USA Worldwide board

Christine A. Dorchak, President and General Counsel

A co-founder of GREY2K USA Worldwide, Christine Dorchak has extensive professional experience in the animal protection movement. Before obtaining her law degree, she worked as Research Director for the New England Anti-Vivisection Society and was the manager of the Ellen Gifford Sheltering Home for Cats in Boston. Christine specializes in pari-mutuel law and has drafted laws to successfully prohibit dog racing in several states and countries. She has been featured in several national publications including the Huffington Post, ForbesAmerican DogFido Friendly and Bostonia and provided commentary pieces for news outlets such as the Miami Herald, Lowell SunChicago Examiner and Lawyer's Weekly. Christine is the co-author with Carey Theil of the new book, Brooklyn Goes Home. A long-distance runner all of her life, she has competed in seven Boston Marathons to date. Email

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Eric Jackson, Vice President

Eric Jackson lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he teaches psychology at UNM. He and his wife Kathy have helped rescued greyhounds all around the world and in 2020, were honored for their work transporting local companion animals to safety with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Email

Sherry Mangold, Treasurer

Sherry Mangold is a retired Albuquerque Public Schools teacher who has received recognition on both local and national levels.  After thirty years in the classroom, Sherry began working for Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) as the statewide cruelty case manager. Currently she serves as the Education Director for APNM and is on the New Mexico Attorney General’s Animal Cruelty Task Force.  She is also a rescue specialist for Greyhound Companions of New Mexico and has served fourteen years as an evaluator and trainer for Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers’ registered therapy dogs. Sherry’s family consists of five rescued dogs including two greyhounds, one italian greyhound, one chihuahua-terrier mix and a pug-italian greyhound mix.  Three are certified therapy dogs who accompany her on classroom visits throughout New Mexico for both APNM and the GREY2K USA Education Fund. Email

Jay Kirkus, Secretary

Jay has been a dedicated greyhound advocate for over twenty years working with organizations across the United States. During his time with Greyhound Friends for Life in San Francisco he helped rescue dogs from the Caliente track in Mexico, organized community outreach and fundraising efforts and facilitated the rescue and placement of countless greyhounds. He has been the proud guardian of four greyhounds himself. He worked with Fix our Ferals, taking an active role in the spay/neuter programs for Northern California’s feral cat population. Jay served as signature gatherer and volunteer organizer for our successful ballot questions to end dog racing in Massachusetts and Florida. He is a Chicago native and currently lives in Boston where he enjoys hiking, kayaking and skiing. Email

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Kelly Driscoll, Board Member

Kelly Driscoll has been involved in greyhound rescue and advocacy for fifteen years and has adopted five greyhounds. A long time GREY2K USA Worldwide volunteer, she helped shut down the tracks in her home state of New Hampshire before moving to Florida. When not not fighting for greyhound freedom, Kelly works as a dental hygienist. Email

Massimo Greco

Massimo Greco, Board Member

Massimo Greco of Italy is a trained dog behaviourist and holds degrees in philosophy and communication. He teaches philosophy and history to high school students in Milan. He adopted his first greyhound in 2008 and co-founded Pet Levrieri in 2013 with his wife Stefania Traini. They have rescued more than 2,000 Irish greyhounds and Spanish galgos, and together championed the rescue of hundreds of lucky Australian hounds from from Macau’s infamous Canidrome in 2018. Massimo uses his many skills and talents to educate the public about the cruelty of racing and to promote an understanding of the wonderful nature of greyhounds. Massimo and Stefania share their home with an assortment of greyhounds and galgos. Email

Rev. Tom Grey, Board Member

Reverend Tom Grey is the Field Director and spokesperson for Stop Predatory Gambling. Before becoming a minister, he served as the commander of a U.S. Army rifle company in Germany and as a military advisor to a Vietnamese infantry battalion in Vietnam. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Garrett Theological Seminary. Tom has been profiled in Time magazine, People magazine, U.S. News and World Report, The Los Angeles Times, The National Enquirer, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, PBS's Frontline, and 60 Minutes. Email

Charmaine Settle, Board Member

Charmaine Settle is a member the Greyhound Rescue International Network and a supporter of the American European Greyhound Alliance. She helped GREY2K USA defeat Colorado's Amendment 33 ballot initiative that would have propped up dog racing with slot machines, collected signatures for a ballot question to end dog racing in Massachusetts and led an effort to defeat House Bill 1095 which would have re-introduced dog racing in Colorado.  She regularly helps coordinate greyhound transports from racetracks to adoption groups across the country.  Charmaine has volunteered at the Scooby refuge in Spain, and has also researched dog racing in several countries.  She has taken investigative trips to Macau, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Argentina and her experience in Macau resulted in the Rescue Brooklyn campaign. Email

Carey M. Theil, Executive Director of GREY2K USA

Since co-founding GREY2K USA Worldwide in 2001, Carey has been sourced in hundreds of news articles about greyhound racing, and has authored guest columns about the industry published in the Orlando Sentinel, Charleston Daily Mail, Sun-Sentinel, Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Tallahassee Democrat, Mobile Press-Register, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Pensacola News Journal, Boston Globe,Providence Journal, Rocky Mountain News, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Lowell Sun and Lynn Daily Item. He has extensive legislative experience, and has testified in favor of stronger greyhound protection laws before legislative committees in Alabama, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Oregon. Carey is the co-author with Christine Dorchak of the new book, Brooklyn Goes Home. In his free time, Carey volunteers for various non-profit organizations and is a National Master in chess. Email

In Memoriam

Kathy Pelton (1943-2017)

Kathy Pelton lived in South Florida with her husband, Ken, and their greyhounds Jack and Jill. Kathy became a committed greyhound advocate after adopting her first ex-racer, Eddy, in 2002. She was a long-time GREY2K USA volunteer before joining the international board, and sparked the fight to pass greyhound decoupling and prohibit dog racing in her state. Kathy hosted regular outreach events, marched in parades with her dogs, taught humane education classes and met with her lawmakers each and every session. In her spare time, Kathy took kickboxing and dancing classes!

In honor of her great contributions and unwavering resilience in all aspects of her life, including her fight with breast cancer, we are proud to announce the creation of the Kathy Pelton Courage Award, which will be given annually to the greyhound advocate who most emulates her steadfast determination to save the greyhounds.

Joyce Carta (1951-2023)

A Jersey Girl, Joyce discovered greyhounds through her work as a tour operator specializing in Egypt. Greyhounds became a vital part of her life and over the years she adopted nine greyhounds, including Tanis pictured with her here. Joyce was the Vice President of Greyhound Adoptions of Florida and after joining our board, also served as the Chairperson of the Committee to Protect Greyhounds, our successful ballot question campaign to outlaw dog racing in Florida. Joyce lived on a small Ocala farm with her husband Phil and many rescued animals.

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