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10/11/2017: Worldwide - Courage

10/03/2017: - Announcing our Calendar Contest winners!

09/13/2017: United States - Calls needed: Mass Greyhound Protection Act under attack!

09/12/2017: Macau - Help sponsor Canidrome dogs, Chinese track is closing!

09/05/2017: Worldwide - Enter our Calendar Contest before time runs out!

08/23/2017: Worldwide - Your greyhound could be a star!

08/17/2017: United States - Going the distance for greyhounds!

08/08/2017: Massachusetts - Massachusetts friends, are you coming?

08/02/2017: United States - Dog tracks are closing all over the globe!

08/01/2017: Massachusetts - You're invited! Enjoy a cocktail for greyhounds

07/25/2017: Worldwide - Help rescue greyhounds for free

07/21/2017: Florida - Great news! Miami track to stop dog racing!

07/12/2017: United States - Sign our petition to stop cocaine abuse of greyhounds!

07/05/2017: Massachusetts - Special Event at Charming Charlie for the greyhounds!

06/30/2017: United States - Biggest greyhound drug case in history

06/26/2017: United States - Vote for Sean Garballey in tomorrow’s special election

06/22/2017: Worldwide - Did you hear the news?

06/15/2017: Worldwide - I'm worth more than a $2 bet

06/05/2017: Worldwide - 50,000 reasons to stop the killing of greyhounds worldwide

05/26/2017: Worldwide - Our new partnership to rescue greyhounds

05/19/2017: United States - Their food killed them

05/09/2017: United States - Kansas greyhounds need you again right now!

05/01/2017: Worldwide - Spring t-shirt blow-out!

04/17/2017: United States - Call your State Rep to VOTE YES to Ban Greyhound Drugging

04/13/2017: Worldwide - Announcing Greyhound Adoption Month Video Contest!

04/10/2017: United States - West Virginia greyhounds in limbo

04/08/2017: United States - RED ALERT! Calls are Needed TODAY to Override WV Gov's Veto!

04/05/2017: United States - HELP! Clock is ticking for the greyhounds

04/03/2017: United States - URGENT! Ask Mountain State Governor to Sign Bill to End Dog Racing!

03/29/2017: United States - Calls needed to end greyhound racing in West Virginia

03/27/2017: United States - Act now to end dog racing subsidies in West Virginia

03/22/2017: Worldwide - Last chance to bid in March Madness auction for the greyhounds!

03/22/2017: United States - Act now to block second racing bill in Kansas

03/17/2017: United States - URGENT: Stop return of dog racing to Kansas

03/15/2017: Worldwide - You will love our latest dazzling auction!

03/07/2017: Worldwide - Fighting for Irish Greyhounds

03/07/2017: Florida - Stand with greyhounds on Humane Lobby Day

03/02/2017: United States - Tell Fox & Friends to stop promoting dog racing!

02/14/2017: United States - URGENT: Stop return of dog racing to Kansas

02/07/2017: Worldwide - Help us celebrate our Sweet Sixteen!

02/03/2017: Florida - Florida TV exposes deadly greyhound racing

01/30/2017: Worldwide - Be a sweetheart for the greyhounds

01/20/2017: Worldwide - Our most heartfelt auction ever

01/18/2017: Worldwide - Thank you

12/31/2016: Worldwide - Making greyhound dreams come true

12/30/2016: Worldwide - Another chance to double your gift (tax deductible too!)

12/29/2016: Worldwide - Bid now to win a one-of-a-kind greyhound canvas!

12/14/2016: Worldwide - Send the holiday card that helps greyhounds!

12/07/2016: Worldwide - Have you ever seen a greyhound smile? (Annual Newsletter)

12/01/2016: Worldwide - YOU DID IT! #GivingTuesday 2016 success for the greyhounds

11/29/2016: Worldwide - Donations to save greyhounds will be matched today!

11/29/2016: Worldwide - Double your gift to save greyhounds today!

11/15/2016: United States - Greyhounds are dying for a $2 bet

11/08/2016: International - Last chance! Bid to save greyhounds

11/03/2016: International - Just in! Charge ahead with a Greyhound Freedom Calendar

10/28/2016: International - Help greyhounds by bidding in our new auction!

10/20/2016: Worldwide - Sign our global petition for greyhounds!

10/14/2016: Worldwide - In the heart of dog racing

09/30/2016: Worldwide - Meet our 2017 calendar dogs!

09/28/2016: Worldwide - Adoption Spotlight: ProGreyhound

09/12/2016: Worldwide - Last chance to register for the Greyhounds Around the Globe conference!

09/08/2016: Worldwide - Just a few days left to enter our new Greyhound Freedom Calendar Contest!

09/01/2016: United States - Are you ready to end dog racing in Florida?

08/25/2016: Worldwide - Greyhound Freedom Calendar Contest, make your dog a part of history

08/23/2016: Worldwide - BIG NEWS! New South Wales bans dog racing!

08/12/2016: Worldwide - Fun in the sun for greyhounds!

08/10/2016: United States - The dogs won big in Florida yesterday!

08/03/2016: United States - Advocate to bike across the sky for greyhounds

07/29/2016: Australia - URGENT: Email your MP to stop dog racing in NSW

07/06/2016: Worldwide - Do you know why greyhound eyes were smiling in June?

06/30/2016: Worldwide - Last chance to save $30 on the conference!

06/29/2016: Worldwide - Dogs should only run for fun!

06/22/2016: Worldwide - Have you ever met a greyhound hero?

06/08/2016: Worldwide - You’re Invited to the Greyhounds Around the Globe Conference!

05/25/2016: Worldwide - Guess who wants greyhound racing to end?

05/13/2016: Arizona - Great News! Arizona Governor Ducey just signed our ban on dog racing into law!

04/28/2016: United States - Help the Greyhounds Smile on Mother's Day

04/26/2016: Worldwide - Help kids learn about greyhounds

04/19/2016: United States - Gifts for Mom from the Greyhounds

04/01/2016: Pennsylvania - Adoption Spotlight: Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue

03/23/2016: Arizona - Urgent! Pick up the phone to end dog racing in Arizona now

03/17/2016: Arizona - Great News! Senate committee votes YES to prohibit dog racing!

03/14/2016: Florida - Great News! Florida lawmakers approved injury reporting!

03/10/2016: Florida - Florida Lawmakers Vote on Injury Reporting, Calls Needed!

03/09/2016: Ireland - Urgent! Sign petition to stop export of Irish greyhounds to China

02/29/2016: Florida - Urgent! Help needed to bring Florida’s greyhound racing to the finish line

02/29/2016: United Kingdom - Wimbledon to hold last London dog race in June!

02/22/2016: International - Online auction to help bring greyhound racing to the finish line!

02/17/2016: Florida - Volunteers Needed to Help Greyhounds in Central Florida

02/10/2016: Florida - Victory for Florida's Greyhounds Just Got Closer!

02/08/2016: Florida - Help us Close Florida Dog Tracks!

02/05/2016: International - Exciting news for the greyhounds on our anniversary!

01/29/2016: International - Innocent Dogs are Suffering, Please Sign our Petition

01/19/2016: International - Be a Sweetheart for the Greyhounds on Valentine's Day!

01/16/2016: Florida - You're Invited to a Grassroots Meeting for Greyhounds

12/31/2015: International - Another chance to double your gift (tax-deductible too!)

12/14/2015: Florida - Volunteers Needed for Greyhounds in Seminole County

12/10/2015: United Kingdom - Now's your chance to help greyhounds in Great Britain!

12/07/2015: International - Great holiday gifts to help greyhounds

12/01/2015: International - All donations doubled for the greyhounds for GivingTuesday

12/01/2015: International - Dreaming of a Cruelty-Free Future (Annual Newsletter)

11/19/2015: Iowa - More good news for greyhounds

11/09/2015: International - Just in! Charge ahead with 2016 Greyhound Freedom Calendars

11/02/2015: International - The greyhounds just got some new friends

10/26/2015: International - Adoption Spotlight: Pet Levrieri

10/22/2015: International - Bid in Our Auction and Help Greyhounds

10/01/2015: International - Announcing the winners our Greyhound Freedom Calendar contest

09/28/2015: International - Will you be there Wednesday?

09/16/2015: International - Light a Candle for the Thousands of Greyhounds Killed in Macau

09/10/2015: International - 5 Days Left to Enter Our Calendar Contest

09/07/2015: Massachusetts - You are invited to a Paint Your Pet event!

09/03/2015: International - We can't sit back and let these dogs die

08/27/2015: Texas - Dog racing is ending in Texas!

08/26/2015: International - Celebrate National Dog Day!

08/20/2015: International - 2016 calendar contest, make your dog part of history

08/06/2015: Florida - Day of Action for Florida Greyhounds!

07/23/2015: Macau - You can help close the worst track in the world

07/14/2015: International - Adoption Spotlight: California’s Greyhound Adoption Center

07/02/2015: Australia - Unfair muzzling requirements for Australia greyhounds

06/16/2015: International - Help greyhounds by bidding in our new auction

06/04/2015: Australia - Adoption Spotlight: Gumtree Greys

06/01/2015: International - By popular demand, greyhound ties for Father's Day!

05/20/2015: International - Supporters Worldwide are Racing to Save Dogs

05/15/2015: International - Meet GREY2K USA's New Top Dog

04/29/2015: Florida - Fight for Florida greyhounds goes on!

04/27/2015: International - Celebrate Mother's Day with Wine, Roses and Greyhounds

04/14/2015: International - URGENT: Sign and share petition to end dog racing in Florida

04/09/2015: Florida - URGENT: Act Now for Florida Greyhounds

03/31/2015: International - It's time to spring into action for the greyhounds

03/23/2015: Florida - Five ways to help Florida greyhounds

03/19/2015: International - Help greyhounds by bidding in our new auction

03/16/2015: Australia - Actions you can take for greyhounds Down Under

03/10/2015: International - We have a choice, racing greyhounds do not

03/05/2015: Florida - Reminder, You are Invited to Humane Lobby Day

03/03/2015: Iowa - Calls Needed to Defeat Bailout for Iowa Dog Racing!

03/02/2015: International - Adoption Spotlight: Friends of the Hound

02/26/2015: Australia - A unique opportunity to help protect NSW greyhounds

02/25/2015: Florida - Stand with us on Humane Lobby Day

02/23/2015: International - A greyhound named Maggie

02/19/2015: Australia - Greyhound live baiting exposé shocks Australia

02/14/2015: International - Give the Greyhounds Your Love on Valentine's Day

02/10/2015: International - 80,000 reasons to end dog racing now

01/26/2015: Florida - You're Invited to a Grassroots Meeting for Greyhounds

01/22/2015: International - See our new video and meet the team to end dog racing

01/06/2015: Florida - Rally for the Greyhounds in Daytona

12/31/2014: International - Another chance to double your gift (tax-deductible too!)

12/23/2014: Australia - New tax break for dog racing must be stopped!

12/18/2014: International - Florida greyhounds testing positive for cocaine, again

12/09/2014: International - Racing to Save the Greyhounds

12/02/2014: International - All donations doubled for the greyhounds today!

12/01/2014: International - Racing to Save the Greyhounds (Annual Newsletter)

11/28/2014: International - Great holiday gifts to help greyhounds

11/20/2014: International - Help greyhounds by bidding in our new auction

11/13/2014: Texas - Victory in the Lone Star State!

11/04/2014: International - Our 2015 Greyhound Freedom calendar has arrived!

11/03/2014: Massachusetts - Vote YES for the Dogs on Question 3

10/28/2014: United Kingdom - Breaking Report on Greyhound Racing in the UK

10/24/2014: International - The true story of a racing greyhound

10/07/2014: Florida - For the Greyhounds, Vote for Pam Bondi for Attorney General

10/02/2014: International - Tricks to Treat the Greyhounds Better Challenge

09/30/2014: International - Meet the 2015 Calendar Winners

09/16/2014: Florida - Florida newspapers expose the cruelty of dog racing

09/11/2014: International - Become a real life action hero for the greyhounds

09/02/2014: International - Picture your dog in our 2015 calendar

08/21/2014: International - 2015 calendar contest, make your dog part of history

08/19/2014: International - Victory! South Africa will not legalize dog racing!

08/04/2014: International - Adoption Spotlight: ProGreyhound

07/22/2014: Texas - Does this look illegal to you?

07/09/2014: International - I'm worth more than a two dollar bet

07/03/2014: International - In Memory of Zoe

06/30/2014: Texas - Stop Effort to Prop up Dog Racing in Texas

06/11/2014: International - Sign petition to keep dog racing out of South Africa now

06/02/2014: Iowa - You helped close another dog track!

05/28/2014: International - Bid to benefit the greyhounds

05/21/2014: Florida - Take your dog to dinner in Boca to help the greyhounds

05/20/2014: Massachusetts - We Worked Too Hard in MA to Let Cruelty Continue

05/15/2014: Iowa - Ask Governor Branstad to Sign Greyhound Bill.

05/06/2014: Arizona - Arizona Victory! Tucson track forced to disclose injury records

05/01/2014: International - The perfect gift set for a greyhound Mom

04/23/2014: Australia - More pressure needed on Australian Government

04/22/2014: International - Gifts for Mom from the Greyhounds

04/14/2014: Arizona - Urgent: Greyhound breeders trying to defeat greyhound protections, call your lawmakers now!

04/11/2014: Arizona - Arizona greyhounds need 5 minutes of your time today!

04/04/2014: Florida - The fate of Florida greyhounds is in our hands

04/03/2014: Australia - Tell Parliament that dog racing must end in New South Wales

04/02/2014: Florida - Calls Needed Right Away for Florida Greyhounds

03/26/2014: International - Adoption Spotlight: Greyhound Adoptions of Florida

03/20/2014: International - The power of 1

03/18/2014: Florida - In 10 Minutes You Could Save the Lives of Florida Greyhounds

03/18/2014: Arizona - Senate bill update, see TV story about TGP cover-up

03/12/2014: Florida - Hope to See You at Florida Humane Lobby Day 2014

03/11/2014: Colorado - Happy news, the state of Colorado just banned dog racing!

03/05/2014: New Zealand - An undercover video of New Zealand greyhounds you must see

02/27/2014: International - You can make greyhound wishes come true

02/26/2014: Florida - Join us at Florida Humane Lobby Day 2014

02/19/2014: Florida - Florida greyhounds need you to watch this video

02/07/2014: International - Make a wish for GREY2K USA Worldwide's Birthday!

02/04/2014: Florida - Florida greyhound trainer admits to drugging dogs

02/03/2014: International - Greyhounds Love You Back!

01/23/2014: International - Be a Sweetheart for the Greyhounds on Valentine's Day!

01/08/2014: Australia - Sign a petition to stop the killing of Australian greyhounds in China

12/18/2013: International - Happy Holidays from GREY2K USA Worldwide

12/12/2013: International - A greyhound named Hope

12/10/2013: International - Greyt new holiday gifts to help greyhounds

12/04/2013: Florida - Last Chance to Speak up for Florida Greyhounds

12/03/2013: International - Ready, Set, Action! Meet the people who will end dog racing

12/01/2013: International - Setting the Stage to End Dog Racing Worldwide (Annual Newsletter)

11/18/2013: Florida - Ask Two Governors to Support the Greyhounds

11/14/2013: Massachusetts - Massachusetts Red Alert for Greyhounds

11/04/2013: International - Force the Canidrome to release Brooklyn and stop killing dogs

10/31/2013: Massachusetts - Massachusetts Volunteers Needed to Fight Greyhound Cruelty

10/28/2013: International - GREY2KUSA board member to bike in 111-mile race! Pledges needed

10/24/2013: International - Just in! Charge ahead with our new Greyhound Freedom Calendars

10/23/2013: International - Overbreeding, doping and greyhound killing exposed in Australia

10/21/2013: Florida - Florida Greyhounds Need Your Help

10/15/2013: International - Extra, Extra! New effort launched to end dog racing worldwide

10/09/2013: Arizona - South Tucson's law protecting racing dogs should stand

10/02/2013: International - Meet the calendar winners and pre-order yours

09/23/2013: International - Will you let greyhound breeders get away with this?

09/18/2013: International - Your gift - matched! This week only

09/12/2013: International - Race Bikes, Not Greyhounds

09/09/2013: International - Six days left for your dog to win a place in our new calendar

09/04/2013: International - The First Look Inside West Virginia Dog Racing

08/29/2013: International - 2014 calendar contest, make your dog part of history

08/26/2013: International - Celebrate National Dog Day with a Victory for WV greyhounds

08/14/2013: International - This is Charming!

08/07/2013: Massachusetts - Greyhound Friendly Lawmaker Runs for Congress

07/29/2013: West Virginia - Comments needed to punish greyhound cruelty in West Virginia

07/18/2013: International - Contest winners now featured live on our web site

07/11/2013: Vietnam - Dog Racing in Vietnam Must Be Stopped

07/08/2013: International - A Winning Season for the Greyhounds

07/03/2013: International - Dog Racing Plans Advance in India - Signatures Needed

06/24/2013: International - Great News! Greyhound reporting bill is now law in Arizona

06/20/2013: International - You could be GREY2K USA's new voice

06/17/2013: Arizona - Urgent: Greyhound bill on Gov Brewer's desk, emails needed now

06/13/2013: Arizona - Arizona Greyhounds Need Your Help Now

06/10/2013: International - Join a virtual beach party for the greyhounds!

06/05/2013: Florida - Rally for the Greyhounds in Melbourne

05/30/2013: International - This is a video you need to share

05/29/2013: Florida - Rally for the Greyhounds in Miami on Saturday!

05/20/2013: International - Extra, extra! Greyhounds in the news

05/09/2013: Arizona - E-mails Needed to Help Arizona Greyhounds!

05/08/2013: Florida - Mike Hill for State Representative

05/02/2013: International - Gear up to end dog racing

04/29/2013: International - Greyhound electrocuted, others suffer terrible injuries - e-mails needed

04/26/2013: International - KVOA-TV reports on cocaine at Tucson Greyhound Park

04/24/2013: International - Celebrate Mother's Day with a personalized gift from the greyhounds

04/11/2013: International - $5K Challenge! Fund our greyhound adoption programs for kids

04/04/2013: International - Kansas greyhounds safe from dog racing

04/03/2013: International - Celebrate Greyhound Adoption Month with Wine and Roses!

04/01/2013: International - Contact Senators now to keep dog racing out of Kansas, vote Tuesday

03/25/2013: Florida - New Date for Humane Lobby Day

03/18/2013: International - New report reveals cruelty at Gulf Greyhound Park

03/14/2013: International - Adoption Spotlight: Kansas City REGAP

03/05/2013: Florida - Come to a rally for the greyhounds in Jacksonville

03/05/2013: Iowa - E-mails Needed for Iowa Greyhounds

02/28/2013: Florida - Help Greyhounds by Coming to Humane Lobby Day

02/24/2013: Florida - You're Invited to a Special Strategy Meeting to Help Greyhounds

09/15/2012: International - Dogs should only run for fun!

2/21/2013: INTERNATIONAL - Adoption Spotlight: American Greyhound

2/11/2013: NEW HAMPSHIRE - Urgent Call to Action: Tell New Hampshire lawmakers that cruelty should not be rewarded

2/6/2013: INTERNATIONAL - Valentine's Day Sale for You and Your Sweetheart

2/4/2013: INTERNATIONAL - Seven easy ways to help end dog racing

1/29/2013: NEW HAMPSHIRE - Help us pass a NH bill to protect greyhounds

1/28/2013: INTERNATIONAL - For you and your Valentine from the greyhounds

1/22/2013: INTERNATIONAL - Annual sale: greyhound tees, jewelry, artwork, books & more half off

1/22/2013: MASSACHUSETTS - Urgent! Massachusetts e-mails needed NOW for the greyhounds

1/16/2013: INTERNATIONAL - Adoption Spotlight: USA Defenders of Greyhounds rescuing dogs for 25 years

12/31/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Generous board member will double your tax-deductible donation today

12/27/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Watch the Video Greyhound Breeders Don't Want You to See

12/20/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Zoe says start the New Year right by adopting a greyhound like me!

12/14/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Great holiday gifts to help greyhounds will ship immediately

12/11/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Macau greyhounds need your help now

12/10/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Going global for greyhound freedom

12/05/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Take a look inside a greyhound puppy mill

12/01/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Join the Team to End Dog Racing Worldwide (Annual Newsletter)

11/26/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Celebrate greyhounds with our new holiday cards and candles

11/19/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Alert: Sign our petition to block dangerous bill to prop up dog racing in Texas

11/15/2012: INTERNATIONAL - New Greyhounds in the Library program launched!

11/13/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Just in! Charge ahead with our 2013 Greyhound Freedom calendars

10/30/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Victory for the Greyhounds!

10/17/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Help Needed: Only Days Left to Give Greyhounds a Voice!

10/15/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Get our new Greyhounds Rule t-shirt at 20% off!

10/02/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Announcing the winners of our Greyhound Freedom calendar contest

9/27/2012: FLORIDA - Please Support Greyhound Friendly Candidates

9/13/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Hope rises for English greyhounds

9/5/2012: INTERNATIONAL - 1 day left to enter our calendar contest

8/29/2012: INTERNATIONAL - 8 days left for you dog to win a place in our new calendar

8/23/2012: NATIONAL - Snapshot: 42 dogs injured, 1 dead at Mardi Gras track in June

8/21/2012: INTERNATIONAL - 2013 calendar contest, make your dog part of history

8/17/2012: NATIONAL - Arizona cover-up continues, call Racing Department today!

8/09/2012: NATIONAL - Arizona Racing Department cover-up, letters needed

7/31/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Closing in on Canidrome, contact Macau President now!

7/30/2012: NATIONAL - Ask for Removal of Rogue Dog Race Regulator

7/25/2012: NATIONAL - Happy Days! Demolished dog tracks become sites for new schools, businesses, housing & more

7/19/2012: FLORIDA - Greyhound Friendly Candidates Need Your Support

7/17/2012: NATIONAL - Rally for the greyhounds this summer!

7/12/2012: NATIONAL - Cruelty to greyhounds revealed in all racing states

7/06/2012: NATIONAL - Greyhounds like Hope don't understand why they are treated so cruelly

7/02/2012: NATIONAL - Florida adoption ad campaign begins

6/26/2012: NATIONAL - Shocking proof that racing industry still uses rabbit to train dogs

6/20/2012: NATIONAL - New injury report reveals the cruelty of dog racing in Arkansas

6/18/2012: FLORIDA - Join GREY2K USA in Naples this Friday night!

6/07/2012: NATIONAL - Great news! Kansas dog tracks blocked from re-opening!

6/04/2012: NATIONAL - See our new greyhound adoption ads on Florida trolleys

5/21/2012: NATIONAL - Celebrate Spring with 40% off greyhound apparel, books and music, this week only!

5/17/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Time is Running Out for London Greyhounds

5/14/2012: INTERNATIONAL - Sign a petition to save an injured greyhound now

5/10/2012: NATIONAL - Arizona victory for the greyhounds

5/02/2012: FLORIDA - Reminder: Join Us May 26 in Tampa to promote greyhound adoption

5/01/2012: NATIONAL - Celebrate Mother's Day with the Greyhounds!

4/19/2012: NATIONAL - Celebrate Mother's Day with Wine, Roses and Greyhounds!

4/16/2012: NATIONAL - One more day, please vote for greyhound adoption

4/11/12: FLORIDA - Meet the superstars of greyhound adoption at a special dinner in Tampa!

4/09/2012: NATIONAL - Promote greyhound adoption with one click of your mouse!

4/5/2012: NATIONAL - Arizona House votes for the greyhounds!

4/2/2012: NATIONAL - Good news: Irish government blocks plan to export greyhounds to China

3/28/2012: NATIONAL - Zoe says let's celebrate adopt-a-greyhound month

3/22/2012: NATIONAL - Enter Our Contest to Help Greyhounds Go Viral

3/12/2012: NATIONAL - Great news! Arizona House committee votes for the greyhounds

3/13/2012: NATIONAL - Make a bid to help educate kids about greyhound racing today

3/6/2012: NATIONAL - Help End Dog racing with flowers

2/21/2012: NATIONAL - Great news! Arizona Senate votes to help greyhounds

2/7/2012: NATIONAL - New victory for the dogs in time for Valentine's Day

2/6/2012: NATIONAL - Skechers biggest losers in Super Bowl, greyhounds fight on

2/2/2012: ARIZONA: Bill filed to phase out dog racing at TGP

2/2/2012: NATIONAL: A special Valentine message for you and your best friend

1/31/2012: NATIONAL: 5 more days and 5 more ways to Boycott Skechers

1/25/2012: FLORIDA - Fight for Florida's Greyhounds Continues

1/24/2012: NATIONAL - Join us for national Boycott Skechers weekend

1/23/2012: NATIONAL- Big sale on greyhound calendars - 1 day only

1/19/2012: ARIZONA - Please join me for Humane Lobby Day 2012!

1/18/2012: FLORIDA - Vote for the dogs, join the Florida grassroots movement

1/10/2012: NATIONAL: Tell Skechers that dog racing isn't funny

12/29/2011: FLORIDA: A special event for florida greyhound advocates

12/28/2011: NATIONAL: GREY2K USA wins GuideStar award, donations doubled now!

12/19/2011: NATIONAL: Same day shipping on holiday gifts that help greyhounds

12/12/2011: NATIONAL: Boycott Skechers now

12/08/2011: NATIONAL: Help greyhounds while you shop for the holidays

12/06/2011: NATIONAL: Florida dog racing cruelty revealed

12/01/2011: NATIONAL: Greyhound Starpower (Annual Newsletter)

11/28/2011: NATIONAL: Tell Skechers to stop promoting dog racing

11/25/2011: NATIONAL: Great holiday gifts that help greyhounds

11/17/2011: NATIONAL: Emails needed to save a greyhound named Brooklyn

11/16/2011: FLORIDA: The greyhounds invite you to a special meeting

11/14/2011: NATIONAL: Win a Personalized Dog Coat and Help Greyhounds!

11/01/2011: NATIONAL: Picture the end of dog racing – 2012 calendars are in!

10/25/2011: NATIONAL: More than 1300 Greyhound Injuries at Texas Track

10/03/2011: NATIONAL: 12 Days left to enter your greyhound in our calendar contest

9/29/2011: NATIONAL: Irish bail-out for greyhound racing? E-mails needed

9/23/2011: NATIONAL: Adoption Spotlight: French Greyhound Rescue

9/21/2011: NATIONAL: Dog Track CEO Caught Lying: Watch the Video

9/15/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: A Message to MA Greyhound Advocates

9/15/2011: NATIONAL: Calendar Contest: Make Your Dog Part of History

9/13/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: Wednesday Greyhound Vote, Call Now

9/08/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: Urgent Message to MA Animal Advocates

9/06/2011: NATIONAL: GREY2K USA: Here's Who We Are Fighting For

8/25/2011: NATIONAL: Adoption Spotlight: Spanish Greyhound Rescue

8/24/2011: NATIONAL: Vote now for the best greyhound videos!

8/16/2011: NATIONAL: You Will Love Our New T-shirts, Caps and Jewelry

8/10/2011: NATIONAL: Let's Stop Dog Racing in India

8/04/2011: NATIONAL: Adoption Spotlight: Greyhound Rescue of Idaho

8/01/2011: NATIONAL: New Video Calls for the End of Dog Racing

7/21/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: The Fight for Greyhounds Continues

7/20/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: Urgent: Greyhounds Need Your Calls Now

7/12/2011: NATIONAL: Adoption Spotlight on KCREGAP

7/4/2011: NATIONAL: Make your dog a star, 1 more day to enter

6/30/2011: NATIONAL: Design Your Own GREY2K USA Credit Card

6/29/2011: NATIONAL: Sign the Petition to End Dog Racing on Macau

6/24/2011: NATIONAL: Celebrate the end of dog racing and enter to win our contest

6/13/2011: NATIONAL: 24 hour Summer t-shirt sale starts now!

5/26/2011: MASSACHUSETTS: Please call your MA State Senator for the greyhounds!

5/24/2011: ARIZONA: Win prizes for the greyhounds on June 4!

5/11/2011: NATIONAL: Coming Soon, Last Day of Racing at Alabama Dog Track

5/05/2011: FLORIDA: Urgent: Greyhound Bill in Jeopardy

5/04/2011: FLORIDA: Let’s Make One Final Push for Greyhounds Like Crystal

5/03/2011: NATIONAL: Join Us for a Special Gourmet Dinner

5/02/2011: NATIONAL: Celebrate Mother's Day with the Greyhounds

4/29/2011: NATIONAL: Greyhounds score victory in the Florida Senate

4/28/2011: FLORIDA: Urgent: Ask your senator to vote for the dogs

4/26/2011: NATIONAL: A Florida Victory for the Greyhounds!

4/25/2011: NATIONAL: Celebrate Mother's Day with the Greyhounds

4/22/2011: ARIZONA: Join Us for a Special Gourmet Dinner

4/21/2011: NATIONAL: Red Alert! It's Now or Never for the Greyhounds

4/20/2011: FLORIDA: Red Alert, Florida Dogs Need Your Voice

4/18/2011: NATIONAL: Thank You

4/13/2011: NATIONAL: Buy Some Tees to Help the G’s! 50% Off

4/11/2011: FLORIDA: Urgent: Virtual Lobby Day for the greyhounds Tuesday

4/04/2011: FLORIDA: Red Alert Greyhounds Need Your Calls Now

3/31/2011: NATIONAL: Meet the Dogs of Spring!

3/24/2011: ARIZONA: Why Arizona Dog Racing Must End

3/22/2011: FLORIDA: Florida sub-committee approves greyhound bill, calls needed

3/21/2011: NATIONAL: Happy First Week of Spring from the Greyhounds

3/17/2011: NATIONAL: Florida Dogs Need Your Help

3/15/2011: NATIONAL: Spread the Word With New Bumper Stickers and Tees!

3/09/2011: NATIONAL: Help Save Irish Greyhounds

3/02/2011: NATIONAL: Arizona Track Video Released, Greyhound Bill Passes House!

2/28/2011: NATIONAL: Miami TV Station Uncovers Cruelty of Dog Racing

2/23/2011: NATIONAL: Help End Dog Racing with Flowers

2/22/2011: NATIONAL: Thousands of Greyhounds Injured at West Virginia Dog Track

2/08/11: IOWA: Join me in Des Moines to Lobby for the Greyhounds on Feb. 15!

2/08/11: ARIZONA: Join me in Phoenix to Lobby for the Greyhounds on Feb. 17!

2/04/11: NATIONAL: Just in: Greyhound dolls for Valentine's Day

1/27/11: ARIZONA: Arizona Greyhound Bill Advances, Your Calls Needed!

1/19/11: NATIONAL: Be a Sweetheart for the Greyhounds

1/06/11: NATIONAL: A Blog for the Dogs

1/05/11: NATIONAL: Meet the Dogs of Winter

12/29/10: NATIONAL: Please Make Greyhound Wishes Come True!

12/22/10: NATIONAL: Video Exposes Cruelty at Tucson Greyhound Park

12/21/10: NATIONAL: First look inside one of America's worst dog tracks

12/20/10: NATIONAL: Meet the 12 calendar dogs of 2011

11/29/10, NATIONAL: For the Puppies (Annual Newsletter)

11/22/10, NATIONAL: Check out our new web site to help greyhounds!

11/03/10, NATIONAL: Picture the End of Greyhound Racing

11/02/10, NATIONAL: Kennel Abandoned, Dogs Left to Die at Ebro Greyhound Park

10/21/10, NATIONAL: Let's Challenge Pepsi to Stop Supporting Greyhound Racing

10/14/10, IOWA: Groundbreaking Report on Cruelty of Dog Racing

10/07/10, MASSACHUSETTS: Support a greyhound friendly Senator!

10/06/10, ARIZONA: Help the Greyhounds in Tucson!

09/30/10, NATIONAL: Meet the Dogs of Autumn

09/27/10, PENNSYLVANIA: Calls Needed to Help Greyhounds in Pennsylvania!

09/23/10, NATIONAL: GREY2K USA Goes Hollywood

09/16/10, NATIONAL: Calendar Contest: Make your dog a part of history

09/10/10, NATIONAL: 18 Years Later, My Wish for the Greyhounds

08/23/10, NATIONAL: Meet the Dogs of Summer

08/18/10, NATIONAL: We Have the Plan to End Dog Racing Nationwide

07/21/10, NATIONAL: Put Your Pup in the Picture! 10 Days Left!

07/08/10, NATIONAL: Another Victory for the Greyhounds!

07/02/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Greyhound Protection Act is now on Governor Lynch's Desk. Please contact him today and ask him to sign it!

06/29/10, NATIONAL: Summer Contest Reminder: Enter by July 5 for a chance to see your beloved greyhound on the next GREY2K USA Visa Card!

06/25/10, MASSACHUSETTS: Simulcast Voted In, But No Live Dog Racing in Mass.

06/23/10, MASSACHUSETTS: Question 3 Under Attack – Call Your State Senator Now!

05/24/10, ALABAMA: Greyhound tests cocaine positive at Birmingham – contact Governor Riley now!

05/21/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Ask Governor Lynch to Sign the Greyhound Protection Act

04/27/10, NATIONAL: Celebrate Mom & Help the Greyhounds Fly!

04/23/10, NATIONAL: Let's Party for the Greyhounds on May 15!

04/15/10, NATIONAL: Hear the Sound of Dog Tracks Closing! Greyhounds Win in Three States.

04/13/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Bill to End Dog Racing Nears Finish Line, Calls Needed Today!

04/13/10, ALABAMA: State Lawmakers to Vote on Bill to Prop Up Dog Racing, Calls Needed Today!

04/12/10, RHODE ISLAND: URGENT: Budget Vote Tomorrow. Ask Lawmakers to Vote YES to End Dog Racing!

04/05/10, NATIONAL: Three Big Victories for the Greyhounds!

03/30/10, NATIONAL: The Greyhounds Need Wings! Help Us Meet Our Goal by May 31st.

03/27/10, KANSAS: Urgent! Kansas Dog Tracks Gearing to Re-open.

03/27/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Help Make Greyhound Racing Illegal in NH: E-mail Your State Senator Today!

03/24/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Greyhounds Win Again!

03/22/10, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Please Pick Up the Phone for New Hampshire Greyhounds!

03/17/10, IOWA: Time Is Running Out for Iowa Greyhounds. Your Calls & E-mails Are Urgently Needed.

03/08/10, RHODE ISLAND: Governor Carcieri Seeks End to Dog Racing, E-mails Needed.

03/02/10, IOWA: New Video Shows Injuries At Iowa Dog Tracks—You Can Help End This Cruelty.

03/01/10, NATIONAL: Watch New Video of Greyhound Racing Injuries & Join Our Governors' Initiative.

02/23/10, IOWA: Iowa Greyhounds Need Your Help!

02/10/10, ARIZONA: Join Us in Tucson and Phoenix for Meetings to End Dog Racing.

02/09/10, NATIONAL: Be a Voice for the Greyhounds This Valentine's Day!

02/09/10, FLORIDA: Two More February Rallies for the Greyhounds.

02/05/10, ALABAMA: Calls Needed to Help Alabama Greyhounds!

02/05/10, IOWA: Letters and E-mails Needed to Help Iowa Greyhounds!

01/28/10, WEST VIRGINIA: More Than 700 Greyhounds Injured at Wheeling Island Dog Track, 62 Dogs Die.

01/26/10, NATIONAL: Be a Sweetheart for the Greyhounds and Share a Beautiful Valentine's Day Gift with Someone You Love!

01/22/10, FLORIDA: Calls & E-mails Needed to Request An Investigation Into the Licensing of Greyhound Trainer Ursula O'Donnell.

01/19/10: FLORIDA: Join Us at Three Rallies for the Greyhounds in February!

01/14/10: NEW HAMPSHIRE: NH House Votes to Make Greyhound Racing Illegal in the Granite State!

01/02/10: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Help Make Greyhound Racing Illegal in New Hampshire.

12/30/09: MASSACHUSETTS: An Historic End to Greyhound Racing in Massachusetts!

12/03/09: NATIONAL: Get Great Holiday Gifts That Help Greyhounds!

12/02/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Greyhound Racing Is Officially over in MA!

11/24/09: NATIONAL: The GREY2K USA 2009 Annual Newsletter is Here!

11/18/09: NATIONAL: Greyhound Racing to End in Wisconsin.

11/02/09: NATIONAL: New Injury Reports Expose Cruelty of Dog Racing.

10/16/09: NATIONAL: Commemorate Track Closures with our New Greyhound Advocates Calendar!

10/13/09: RHODE ISLAND: Act Now to Help End Greyhound Racing in Rhode Island!

09/30/09: ARIZONA: Phoenix Dog Track to Run Its Last Race!

09/18/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Last Day of Racing at Wonderland Today!

09/11/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Lawmakers Consider Bill to Continue Dog Racing, E-mails Needed.

09/01/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Get the Facts on Dog Racing.

08/18/09: NATIONAL: Only Two Weeks Left to Enter Your Dog in Our 2010 Calendar Contest!

08/06/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Letters Needed to Save Question 3!

07/29/09: RHODE ISLAND: Dog Racing to End in Rhode Island August 8!

07/24/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Join Us for Animal Awareness Day in Derry, NH!

07/22/09: RHODE ISLAND: Act Now to Help End Greyhound Racing in Rhode Island!

07/14/09: RHODE ISLAND: Please Rally for the Greyhounds in Providence!

06/29/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Victory for the Greyhounds—Dog Racing Ends in New Hampshire!

06/26/09: RHODE ISLAND: URGENT: Twin River Ending Dog Racing, Call Lawmakers NOW!

06/23/09: NATIONAL: Just One Week Left to Take Advantage of Our Summer Sale.

06/23/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Greyhounds Win Victories in NH, Calls Needed!

06/21/09: ARIZONA: Arizona Racing Cruelty Exposed, Letters Needed!

06/19/09: INTERNATIONAL: International Threats to Greyhounds, Letters Needed!

06/11/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Fate of Thousands of Greyhounds Hangs in the Balance, E-mails Needed Now!

06/03/09: NATIONAL: Summer Sale – Up to 50% Off Greyhound T-shirts, Tote Bags and Jewelry!

06/03/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Fight In New Hampshire Continues!

06/02/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Urgent Greyhound Action Alert - Calls Needed!

05/26/09: NATIONAL: President's Update: Victory for the Greyhounds!

05/21/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Victory for the Greyhounds!

05/18/09: MASSACHUSETTS: Take Action Now to Save Question 3!

05/06/09: NATIONAL: Only 3 Days Left to Order Mother’s Day Flowers for the Greyhounds!

04/29/09: FLORIDA: Florida Greyhounds Near the Finish Line, Calls Needed Today!

04/17/09: FLORIDA: Florida Greyhounds Need Your Help Now!

04/10/09: NATIONAL: Watch Our New Video & Put Yourself In the Picture!

03/27/09: NATIONAL: President's Update.

03/19/09: INTERNATIONAL: Jamaica Rejects Dog Racing!

03/10/09: FLORIDA: Fight for Greyhounds Renewed in Florida, E-mails Needed!

03/03/09: NATIONAL: Oprah Supports the Greyhounds and So Can You!

02/19/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire HB 630 Update.

02/18/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Urgent Request — Contact NH Lawmakers Today!

02/10/09: INTERNATIONAL: International Call to Action.

02/06/09: NATIONAL: Only 7 Days Left to Buy Greyhound Chocolates for Your Sweetheart!

02/05/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: GREY2K USA Releases New Greyhound Protection Act Video — Please Watch and Forward

01/27/09: COLORADO: First 2009 Victory and a New Way to Help Greyhounds!

01/23/09: NATIONAL: Valentine's Greetings from the Greyhounds!

01/08/09: NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire Greyhound Alert

12/16/08: NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire Dog Track Closes!

12/01/08: NATIONAL: Read our 2008 Annual Newsletter.

11/05/08: MASSACHUSETTS: Greyhounds Win Landslide Victory!

11/03/08: MASSACHUSETTS: Vote YES for the Dogs on Question 3.

10/24/08: MASSACHUSETTS: Help Make 2008 the Year of the Greyhound.

09/24/08: MASSACHUSETTS: Don't Let Dog Track Owners Get Way With This.

08/27/08: MASSACHUSETTS: 69 Days to End Dog Racing.

07/02/08: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Greyhounds Receive Protection of Anti-Cruelty Law.

06/23/08: NATIONAL: Greyhound Racing Nears Finish Line.

05/16/08: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Two New Hampshire Victories for the Greyhounds.

05/14/08: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Calls Needed for NH Greyhounds.

05/06/08: NATIONAL: Florida Victory for the Greyhounds.

04/29/08: NATIONAL: Buy Flowers for Mom and Help Greyhounds.

04/09/08: NATIONAL: Dog Tracks are Closing: Help Spread the Word.

02/29/08: NATIONAL: Join Our Public Outreach Team.

11/29/07: NATIONAL: Read Our 2007 Annual Newsletter.

11/21/07: NATIONAL: Greyhounds Run Toward Victory in Massachusetts

10/10/07: NATIONAL: GREY2K USA Co-Founder Featured by the Christian Science Monitor

8/14/07: NATIONAL: Two More Tracks to Close

7/27/07: NATIONAL: Dog Tracks Lose Subsidy, Cut Back Live Racing

7/18/07: NATIONAL: New Ways to Help Greyhounds

6/21/07: NEW HAMPSHIRE: Greyhound Injuries Hit Record High at Hinsdale Greyhound Park

6/10/07: MASSACHUSETTS: New Campaign to End Dog Racing

5/30/07: NATIONAL: Dog Racing Ends at Jacksonville Track

12/5/06: NATIONAL: 2006 Annual Newsletter

12/1/06: NATIONAL: Victory for the Greyhounds! Dog Track Closes in Colorado

11/20/06: MASSACHUSETTS: Deval Patrick Undecided on Slot Machines at Dog Tracks - Letters Needed

11/6/06: NEW HAMPSHIRE: GREY2K USA Endorses Candidates for Office

11/6/06: MASSACHUSETTS: GREY2K USA Endorses Candidates for Office

11/6/06: MASSACHUSETTS: GREY2K USA Endorses James O'Keefe for State Tresurer

11/1/06: FLORIDA: Don't Vote Away Your Rights - Vote No on Amendment 3

10/31/06: ALABAMA: Race Fixing Scheme Uncovered at Alabama Dog Track - Letters Needed

10/25/06: MASSACHUSETTS: Join Us at a Gourmet Celebration for the Greyhounds

10/13/06: MASSACHUSETTS: GREY2K USA Calls for Criminal Investigation - Letter Needed



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