Join with others to let your community know that dog racing must end. Hold colorful signs, collect signatures, give out brochures and buttons, and let people know how much you love greyhounds. Invite the press to see all the action, and don't forget to wear your GREY2K USA Worldwide t-shirt! Great places for rallies include dog tracks, off-track betting locations and any other venue that promotes dog racing.

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Love Greyhounds End Racing
End the Cruelty of Dog Racing
Dog Racing Kills
End Dog Racing Nationwide
Save the Greyhounds
Greyhounds are Love
Dogs Test Positieve for Cocaine Here
Stop Drugging Dogs

Tips for Holding a Rally

Whether you are a longtime advocate or if this will be your first rally, there are several things to remember when hosting or participating in a public outreach event.

Be organized and be on time

Participants and media will expect an event to begin on schedule. This means that you should be ready with materials and information several minutes before anyone is expected to arrive.

Dress conservatively or wear an issue-specific t-shirt

People will judge you and your efforts by the way you look, so please dress the part! If you have an anti-racing shirt or button, be sure to wear them.

Stand and hold signs prominently

Chatting, sitting, leaning against a wall, eating, smoking, sipping a drink, using your cell phone, or socializing with other participants is not the way to represent the importance of ending dog racing. Passersby should recognize that you are part of an organized event.

Collect signatures for the greyhounds

Download our petition to collect the signatures of your volunteers and everyone else who supports an end to dog racing. Please return the petition pages to us, but keep a copy of all your volunteer information to use as a contact list for your next event!

greyhound racing rally volunteers Volunteers rally in Florida. (Chuck Danielian)

Maintain a friendly demeanor

Please don’t yell or argue with those who may disagree with you or who may wish to disrupt your event. Just thank them for their opinion, provide a flyer, and wish them a nice day. Then just turn around and engage with others, if possible.

Stay on message

Prepare a few sentences ahead of time that explain the reason for your event and that describe the plight of racing greyhounds. Use straightforward language that is both factual and from the heart. Read our fact sheets here.

Leave your dog at home

Rallies can be unpleasant for greyhounds and other dogs due to noise and weather extremes. It is usually best to keep your Best Friend safe at home, unless the weather is very mild and you will not be near traffic or other dangers.

Bring your friends and family

Greyhound advocacy is for everyone who cares about dogs. Make your event a true family and friends affair.

You are the face of greyhound advocacy

Always remember that you are the face of greyhound advocacy. By looking well and speaking well, you will represent the greyhounds effectively and persuasively. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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