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Greyhound racing in Vietnam takes place at the Lam Son Stadium in Vung Tau. In 1999, the company Sports and Entertainment Services Ltd was granted a twenty-five year license to operate greyhound racing and conduct betting on it in the country.1 The stadium held its first race on May 6, 2000.2 Today racing takes place on Fridays and Saturdays.

The greyhounds are housed and trained at a kennel complex around fifty minutes away by car from the track.3 The greyhounds that race in Vietnam are both imported from Australia as well as bred in country. There are between 750 and 800 greyhounds being trained and bred in the country.4 A kennel caretaker told GREY2K USA Worldwide Board Member Charmaine Settle in 2012 that there is no adoption program for the dogs after they finish racing.5

Sports and Entertainment Services Joint Stock Company (formally Sports and Entertainment Services Ltd) has racing regulations that include rules regarding ownership of racing greyhounds and anti-doping policies. 6 Wagering on greyhound races is legal in Vietnam. A minimum bet of 10,000 VND is required and bets have to be made at the track.7 Greyhound racing brought in an estimated 2.3 billion VND to the Vietnamese government in 2012. 8


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