Three ways to help get your letter published

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Sending Letters to the Editor to your local newspaper and posting responsive comments to online articles are two “greyt” ways to educate the public about the cruelty of greyhound racing.

Three rules to increase the likelihood that your Letter to the Editor will be published:

  • Feel free to use the sample Letter to the Editor below as a guide. However, do not copy it word-for-word. Please submit a letter in your own words.

  • When submitting to a newspaper for publication, always include your full name, address, and telephone number in your letter. Newspapers need this information to verify that you are the author.

  • Your letter is most likely to be printed if it is in response to a recent news story. In this case, refer to the recent story in your letter. For example, if your newspaper published the story “Dog racing struggles to stay on track” on May 9, the opening line of your letter should read: I am relieved to learn that greyhound racing is on the decline. (Dog racing struggles to stay on track, May 9)

Talking Points

  • Greyhound racing is inhumane and goes against mainstream values

  • Racing dogs endure lives of confinement

  • Dog racing results in the injury and death of thousands of greyhounds each year

  • Tens of thousands of racing greyhounds are bred each year, and many puppies simply disappear from record

  • Hundreds of cases of greyhound cruelty and neglect have been documented around the world

  • Greyhounds routinely test positive for serious drugs

Sample Letter

Letter to the Editor

Every year, thousands of greyhounds are seriously injured and many killed when they are no longer profitable as racers. These gentle dogs are kept twenty or more hours a day in small cages or kennels. This is no way to treat a dog!

Dog racing is a profit-driven industry. Kennel owners are always looking to cut costs, which in turn jeopardizes the health and welfare of greyhounds. For instance, the typical diet of a racing greyhound consists of raw 4-D “downer” meat from diseased livestock.

Greyhound racing is illegal in 43 U.S. states, and should be outlawed worldwide. More facts and information about greyhound racing can be found online at


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

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