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VICTORY! The Canidrome has closed. Help these dogs find homes

There are no operational greyhound racetracks in Macau.1 China’s last legal dog track, the Yat Yuen Canidrome, originally opened in Macau in 1931 but closed seven years later due to declining interest.2 The track opened again in 1963, becoming part of the burgeoning gambling scene on the peninsula.3 After years of declining revenue and campaigning led by Anima Macau, GREY2K USA Worldwide and Pet Levrieri,4 the Canidrome finally shuttered its doors for good on July 21, 2018.5

The Canidrome owners did not prepare an exit strategy for the approximate 600 greyhounds in their care.6 Previously, the greyhounds racing at the Canidrome were destroyed when they failed to place in the top three spots for five consecutive races.7 (Some estimates place the number of killed greyhounds at 30 per month, or almost 20,000 total during the track’s 55-year run.8) The last of over 500 surviving Canidrome greyhounds was airlited to safety on June 10, 2019.9

Commercial greyhound racing remains illegal on mainland China, though there is a growing concern about the popularity of unregulated racing.10

Brooklyn was rescued from the Canidrome. Watch his journey to freedom!

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Meet 5 lucky hounds who were airlifted to safety from the Canidrome in Macau

These are the Canidrome greyhounds - zoom in to see all the dogs!

Main photo by Robin Olive Reich
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