Special Friends Photo Contest Winners

2022 First Place: Power

We adopted All Powerful from NGAP as part of the international #ClosetheCanidrome campaign and remain so grateful to GREY2K USA Worldwide and the international network that brought him home to us. When it comes to celebrating Power’s birthdays, we make it special by baking homemade treats and spending the happy day together as a family. He loves car rides, hiking adventures and lots of birthday cake. Victoria Celia and Orlando Salvato, Pennslyvania, United States

Power of PA

2022 Runners Up



“Did you know that greyhounds have allergies? Well, my heart dog Rhett does and he gets regular shots at the doctor’s office. He is very patient and loves to snooze on his blanket each day.”

— Elaine Kates, California, United States



“Surrendered at the age of three, Cookie was our first hound but definitely not our last. This gentle, loving, supremely intelligent and hilarious hound graced our lives for ten years, passing away one day before her thirteenth birthday. We miss her every day.”

— David and Janis Hoskot, Queensland, Australia

Ravi the greyhound


“Our sweetheart Ravioli is now ten years old! Ravi's eternal puppy dog eyes and gentle nature never fail to endear him to everyone he meets."

— Marcia Chamberlain, Enfield, United Kingdom

Swanson and Barney

Swanson and Barney

“Swanson, our white angel, is almost thirteen years old and still loves the outdoors, walkies and lounging in soft grass on a sunny day, soaking in all the sights and sounds of nature. Here he is with Barney, now lost to cancer but forever in our hearts.”

— Ravinder Bajwa, Washington, United States

Lyla the greyhound


“I will forever have a special place in my heart for dear Lyla, who provided much comfort during the COVID-19 lockdown. She came to me at the age of eight, so I knew our time together would be short. In her last moments, she placed her head in my hands as she slowly faded away. She was such love bug.”

— Cristian Cisneros Delgado, California, United States



“When we saw Eric at the Retired Greyhound Trust, he was this very skinny dog, fur covered in pee and very, very nervous. Part of his ear was missing! He had obviously been mistreated and would growl at my husband and son. But a few months later, he was a different dog. He is our fifth greyhound and we love him to bits!”

— Sharon Dennis, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Joyful Union the greyhound

Joyful Union

“Rescued from the Canidrome in Macau, Joy is our very first greyhound. She makes us smile every day and proves that anything is possible! We were so thankful for the opportunity to adopt her and welcomed her into our family with 100% love.”

— Janelle Whitman, Texas, United States



“We adopted our Toasty from the National Greyhound Adoption Program in Philadelphia. She came home to us with serious medical issues, but that didn’t prevent her from being the friendliest, most fun-loving hound we have ever known.”

— Nan Gilbert, Pennsylvania, USA

Tora the greyhound


“I adopted Tora through Connecticut Greyhound Adoption and it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did I rescue her, but she rescued me!”

— Michelle Torello, Connecticut, United States

Aja the greyhound


“Aja was rescued from the Palm Beach Kennel Club and brought a smile back to our hearts after losing our beloved Luna. She is a joy to behold for anyone who is lucky enough to meet her and share her joy for life, squeaky toys and of course long siestas in the sunshine.”

— Judy Schwartz, Florida, USA

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