Meet adopted greyhounds from around the world.

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Special Friends Video Contest 2023

Special Friends Video Contest 2023

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Do you have a story to tell? Share it with us for a chance to be featured.

Sasha and Bertie

Sasha and Bertie

“Sasha broke her leg and was ordered destroyed. Bertie is missing a toe and has no power in his back legs to climb even a few steps. They were permanently damaged by the racing industry but are now safe with me thanks to the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary.”

— Jacqueline Brown, Scotland, United Kingdom

Sophia the greyhound


“Sophia is very cheeky as you can see in this photo! She is also gorgeous and knows it. She never raced and is so different than our other hounds. She barks, digs holes and is incredibly BRAVE, easily engaging with dogs and hoomans alike.”

— Victoria Sublette, Queensland, Australia

Hidalgo and Velvet

Hidalgo and Velvet

“Hidalgo and Velvet were found in the middle of a street in Malaga, Spain. Velvet was pregnant and Hidalgo protected her. I adopted them both and the ten puppies also found homes!”

— Clelia Sartorim, Ticino, Switzerland

Elli the greyhound


“Our sweet Elli is currently five years old. When I adopted her from Florida at age three, I knew she would be a great fit. She came right up to me and nudged me as if to say  'Please take me home with you.' She is our fourth greyhound and all have been wonderful companions.”

— Douglas Lombardo, Illinois, United States

Suki the greyhound


“Loving and gentle but not a fast runner, I believe Suki was used for breeding. Although very timid, she is also incredibly affectionate and took care of my puppy Sophia from day one.”

— Victoria Sublette, Queensland, Australia

Duchess and Zipper

Duchess and Zipper

“Duchess is the only greyhound that we have been blessed with to live past 13 years old. We adopted Zipper, who is part whippet and part greyhound, after she was rescued from illegal racing in China. Duchess shows us all that no matter your age you can still play like a young energetic girl.”

— Lee Ann Jaffee, New York, United States

Spencer the greyhound


“We adopted Spencer from Greyhound Friend For Life. He was my Gentle Giant!! He was a perfect being! When he wanted extra love, he would lean all his 85 pounds against my stomach to get cuddles. I wish more people knew how much these kind and wonderful souls would be so thankful for a loving home. They just do not know what they're missing!”

— Kathy Helm, California, United States

Newton the greyhound


“Newton was a surprise rescue from an unregistered litter. He happens to be my greyhound Sophie’s twin brother! The poor boy lived in multiple homes until finally joining our pack. He is a gentle giant who is now safe and sound in our “Doggie Disneyland Down Under."”

— Victoria Sublette, Queensland, Australia

April the greyhound


“We failed fostering in 2016 when we decided to adopt April. She is outgoing, playful and silly. She became a therapy dog and a Reading Education Assistance Dog in 2017. She loves going to greyhound events like the one at the New York Finger Lakes where she looked in a mirror for the first time and discovered just how beautiful she is!”

— Donna Dinger, Pennsylvania, United States

Brixton and Winnie greyhounds

Brixton and Winnie

“We adopted Brixton and Winnie as nine month old puppies from a ranch in the Southern California desert. These siblings are very different in looks and personality. Brixton, the brindle, is a big fan of cuddles and is generally calm and content. Winnie is a bundle of energy and hates to be without her humans for even a minute. They adore each other one minute, then fight over toys or attention the next. We cannot imagine a life without greyhounds!”

— Anne-Marie Pastor, New York, United States

Harley the greyhound


“We could instantly see how sweet and mild-mannered Harley was the moment we met her. She has so much love and affection to give, especially with our one year old son. She also gets along great with our small dogs. We had to deal with some health and separation anxiety issues right after we rescued her from the track, but today she is thriving and we love her so much.”

— Steph Conti, Florida, United States

Dulcinea the greyhound


“Dulci was a brood matron, forced to live in a cage and have litter after litter, until she was eight years old. I named her Dulcinea, after Don Quixote's idolized love. One night I was watching 'Too Cute Puppies' on TV. She was asleep in the bedroom, but when she heard the puppies crying in distress, she came running into the living room and tried her best to find them. She looked behind and under the TV, frantically searching. Always a loving mom!”

— Robin Wilson, California, United States

Leo and Luna galgo and greyhound

Leo and Luna

“We did a ton of research on what type of dog we wanted and learned that greyhounds are just like us, couch potatoes! We got a call a few months later that one group was bringing over galgos from Spain and one could be ours if we wanted. We did our research and realized we needed to help this sweet scared boy! That is how we adopted Leo, the galgo. A year later we moved into a house with a fenced in backyard and began our search again! This time we were able to adopt Luna, a 2 year old racer from Alabama. She is so beautiful and full of personality. Leo and Luna are the perfect ying and yang match. Leo is very shy and delicate like a cat in many ways. Luna is full of kisses, cuddles, and has never met a person that wasn’t her best friend. We are so lucky to have found two of the most amazing dogs that have helped make our family so happy!”

— Heather and Daniel Nickens, Indiana, United States

Viper the greyhound


“We adopted Viper in 2019, she had been racing in Daytona, Florida. I had wanted to adopt a greyhound for years, even more so since getting involved with GREY2K USA and helping to abolish racing in Massachusetts in 2008. I finally had the chance to meet this special girl. She came to us in good shape, although nervous. Viper warmed up pretty quickly, though, with lots of patience and treats. She loves bones to chew, treats, walks, belly rubs, BREAKFAST!!! And she loves her bed most of all. She has gotten so much more affectionate over the past year and a half, and comes to us for love all the time now. Viper has several siblings out there still racing and we hope one day soon they'll be able to be adopted into loving families as they deserve. We couldn't love her more and appreciate all of the people working so hard to end racing worldwide and help these loving dogs find their own comfy beds and belly rubs.”

— Jeneen Hagerty, Massachusetts, United States

Pip, Forge and Rommy

Pip, Forge and Rommy

“There truly is something uniquely special about having a greyhound in your life. In 2011, when a sad little creature's face appeared on the local council's impounded dog list, I jumped at the chance. Pip not only became my dog and friend, but my partner Paul's as well, particularly as he is a Vietnam veteran with PTSD. It was truly remarkable to see this little greyhound comfort his soul during dark times. Pip became a therapy dog and not only melted our hearts but many others as well. Next, Forge and Rommy came into our lives. Rescuing greyhounds and promoting adoption has become my life and it is my mission to expose the atrocities of the dog racing industry, particularly here in Australia.”

— Colleen Collier, Australia

Molly and Robert greyhounds

Robert and Molly

“Robert is my first dog as an adult and I'd be lost without him. He was very nervous until we started meeting up with Miss Molly for protesting and awareness events. Robert has come leaps and bounds in the past year, but he couldn't have done it without help from his Molly! Even the sound of her name has him wagging his tail! Molly is a brazen brindle who runs Greyhound Awareness Cork, and her confidence and sociability has really made an impact in Rob.”

— Zoe-Louise Doyle, Ireland

Emma the greyhound


“During these crazy times, Emma is my calm in the storm. She is so warm and loving. She has a way of soothing me just by being near. I have actually been missing her the last couple of days as she got really sick and has been hospitalized. Thanks to a wonderful team of doctors, I am going later today to bring her home.”

— Theresa Boostrom, Michigan, United States

Clarice the greyhound


“I am an octogenarian living in a retirement home. Clarice is an eight-year old rescued greyhound. We are alone together in the epidemic. She too is bored and lonely, and she comes to me for comfort, which she returns in a perfect circle. I have always loved her more than I can say, but I have never needed her as I do now.”

— Paula Blanchard, Massachusetts, United States

Journey the greyhound


“Journey is showing her respect and love for her Momma who is a Police Officer in these trying times. Matter of fact, she tips her hat to ALL FIRST RESPONDERS. When Journey is not honoring hereos, she is staying home and giving hope and love to her other Mom. Teaching her to be grateful and patient for all lives. Journey is a survivor and thriver of the Canidrome. Journey had no family or friends. She had no play. She raced for her life. Now, she has forgiven all. Journey is full of love and fun. Job well done, Journey. You have taught us all. We love you. Your Moms. Journey's mantra, "Love to all, all be loved!”

— Becky Koster, New Mexico, United States

Rhea the greyhound


“I rescued Rhea from the Mardi Gras dog track in Cross Lanes, West Virginia in November 2019. She was a racer of two years and was retired due to being a bit too lazy. Rhea has been my first dog and I couldn’t have found a dog to match my personality so perfectly. She is a couch potato most of the day but also loves stealing blankets and clothes from my room, as well as trying to get the cat to play with her. I feel I’ve said it everyday that I’m so glad to have her especially now, she makes me get out and walk and keeps me entertained as well as relieves my stress. I’m so happy to have her in my family.”

— Sophie Nellhaus, West Virginia, United States

Jordan the greyhound


“Jordan is a rescued Galgo from Spain. He joined our family about two and a half years ago. He has filled our lives with love and joy, keeping us laughing with his antics. Jordan and I have been keeping busy by working on his dog trick titles. He just earned his advanced title. We are also taking an online agility course. We video his practices and his trainer gives us pointers on how to do it even better. We have been going for daily walks in quiet neighborhoods to get out of the house. His love and companionship during this difficult time has made things so much easier.”

— Tumeria Langlois, Massachusetts, United States

Matilda the greyhound


“After the loss of our last Greyhound Violet, we decided to adopt another beautiful 2-year-old from Friends of the Hound (FOTH), who we now call Matilda. She is full of energy and her enthusiasm for life and meeting new people is infectious. Like many hounds she also has had some problems settling in, learning how to climb stairs, toilet training and the like, but these are minor issues compared with the love she showers on us and the quirky habits she is developing. For instance, she now has a habit of waking just on sunrise. She will then walk around both sides of our bed to "check" on us and satisfied all is well... off to bed she goes. The photo is of her first ferry ride.”

— Kris Ferguson, Australia

Torgeir the greyhound


“I found a two year old brindle boy online and went to look at him. When I had the leash in my hands I started to tear up from being so excited to help save a life and to rehabilitate him. He was so happy to jolt around in the dog run! I immediatley fell in love and took him home the same day. He had a few nicks and dings on his side and an issue with his toe. During these times I find myself hugging him and giving him way more walks since zoomies can't happen right now! He is a great therapy dog and loves making people smile. Torgeir knows no difference of what is going on in the world and does not discrimate towards people or other dogs. He is pretty special!”

— Sherry Moore, Maryland, United States

Brick the greyhounds


“I recently lost my dad to lung and liver cancer. I have PTSD and panic attacks where I uncontrollably sob. Brick does compression therapy and lays his head on my chest to help calm me down. I also have a chronic illness which has forced me to have many surgeries. Brick never leaves my side even when I am hooked up to scary machinery. When I nap in my recliner, take baths, or showers he comes in and checks on me - he has to do a “visual” check to see I’m ok. He is my best friend and he saves me in so many ways. I could not imagine a life without him!”

— Whitney Marshall, Michigan, United States

Ibiza and Chipper greyhounds

Ibiza and Chipper

“Chipper is a a super love-bug. He loves his walks and becomes very playful as we're on our way home. As if to tell us, he's not ready to go back but would rather run, jump and socialize with anyone that comes his way. At home, he's by our side showing lots of love. Ibiza is our beautiful black dog. She was very timid when we brought her home, but followed in Chipper's footsteps and now is comfortable in the world. She loves to be pet and puts her paw out to shake when she wants more. I was once asked, "How did you teach her to shake?" We didn't teach her, it just came naturally. She loves being wherever we are and could be an all-day couch potato.”

— Eileen O'Neill, Washington, United States

Zipper the greyhound


“Zipper is a snuggle bug, he loves to lie beside me when I'm watching movies or playing games on my iPad. Zipper and I walk several times a day on trails where it is nice and quiet and full of amazing wildlife. We are able to watch the pelicans come in to land on the pond along with the great blue herons, ibises and several types of ducks. We are also privileged to see the bald eagles and their two juveniles fly back to their nest every evening. We are very lucky to live where we are able to enjoy nature. Zipper makes me laugh with his goofy poses and his constant teeth chattering. He is a true stress reliever.”

— Carol Bellavia, Florida, United States

Winnie the greyhound

Miss Winnie Juniper

“Winnie is my third ex-racing rescue greyhound, first foster fail. After losing my very first girl we decided to foster. Miss Winnie couldn’t get into the car at first and was scared of most things, including the cat. It wasn’t long before she discovered the human bed and cemented her way into our hearts. Warning... greyhounds are addictive!”

— May Stanley, Australia

Kayla the greyhound


“I'm a teacher working from home now because of the quarantine and my masters program is already online so when I take a break, I always have someone cute to share my snack with. As the mug says, 'I love my dog a latte.'”

— Judith Stewart, Pennsylvania, United States

Velvet the greyhound


“Velvet is my calming blanket when anxiety hits, our clown when it's time to get out for fun. Now she is showing us the correct way to self-isolate, demonstrating her favourite lounging positions.”

— Maree Mitchell, Australia

Samweis, Levi and Dude greyhounds

Samweis, Levi and Dude

“With the happiness of my dogs enjoying their day, every single day, it is much easier to get through these more or less isolated times.”

— Iris Rutschmann-Wittig, Germany

Maxie the greyhound


“I’ve had seven of my own greyhounds and several fosters over the years. But I chose this picture of my precious Maxie. She is now 15 1/2 and still the best dog ever. Maxie is a great example of how we all must keep going and be grateful. In spite of losing her hearing and having wobbly legs, she still knows her routine and loves her daily walk. Though she has slowed down, she is still loving, affectionate and engaged in life. Every single day is a gift. Though none of us know what the future will bring we can only live each day in the moment, enjoy the simple things and cherish what each day brings us. As long as we have today, we have forever.”

— Cynthia Probst, Indiana, United States

Halo the greyhound


“Just prior to the worldwide devastation of COVID-19, two of my greyhounds passed from cancer. My sweet remaining greyhound, Halo, was depressed because of losing her lifelong buddies Bromo and Wylie. When it became just the two of us, isolated for weeks, with just each other's company, we became closer than ever. I have always adopted multiple greyhounds, but this experience of bonding with just one amazing greyhound is more heartwarming and fun than I can describe. I love my girl!”

— Vondra Doherty, California, United States

Suzie and Mona greyhounds

Hannah, Suzie and Mona

“Suzie welcomes me with snuggles, kisses and happy chatter, Mona loves to lean and give me kisses. These two, along with our other rescued puppies (including our foster Hannah), are overflowing with love and happiness. They always succeed in dispelling the stress, anxiety and exhaustion that I sometimes bring home from my essential job in a vegetable processing plant. They lift my spirits and calm my soul every day. My wife Diane and I couldn’t dream of a better family.”

— Paul Michaud, Canada

B.B. the greyhound


“I can’t even begin to express the love I have and have received from my hounds! I am a lover of ALL creatures, but there are truly no words to explain living with a greyhound. Everyone should share their life with at least one!”

— Jennifer Sabo, Vermont, United States

Tasha the greyhound

Tasha, winner of our 2020 Greyhound Love contest!

“Tasha is the sweetest, smartest, funniest hound! She loves snuggling with her family, hiking in the woods and holding her babies. Tasha loves to visit ice cream stores and must have lots of sprinkles on her vanilla cone!!”

— Ann Adams, Pennsylvania, United States

Mona Lisa the greyhound

Mona Lisa

“My husband Paul and I fell in Love with greyhounds ten years ago and have been rescuing, fostering and volunteering ever since. Like they say you have one you want more! I also have a small business specializing in greyhound dog clothing - 15% of all my sales and more goes to support the greyhounds. I wish so much to put a end to greyhound racing.”

— Diane Michaud, Canada

Jazzy the greyhound


“Jazzy is our first and only greyhound. She is a mother hen to our girls who is so sweet and funny and loves everything. She’s a diva and if you tell her no she will limp.”

— Amy Cosgrove, Virginia, United States

Lily the greyhound


“Lily is quite mischievous and funny. We adopted her when she was two. She never raced as she wasn’t considered 'trainable'. Lily is friendly and loves people and other dogs. She is our fifth rescued grey - all have been amazing!”

— Phebe Jones, Arizona, United States

Daisy the greyhound


“I had just lost both of my greyhounds - the first one was expected and the second was a shock. It took a while to decide to get another but this confinement was making me so lonely that I needed to do something. I thought having another soul in the house during the day would help. Of course it’s always hard to adopt just one but I brought Daisy home on March 23rd. None of my other greys have been this attached to me - she hasn’t left my side since she came home. She is such great company and it’s great to have greyhound hugs again.”

— Lori Kirkeby, Washington, United States

Mason the greyhound


“I adopted Mason almost 4 years ago from the Retired Greyhound Trust. He was my rock when I had to say goodbye to my beloved greyhound girl Chloe in August 2016. We have a special bond and he is my world. Nothing beats a good cuddle with him. He is such a beautiful and loving, loyal dog. And I thank him every day, that he was there to comfort me at the time of Chloe's loss, when I didnt have anyone else. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.”

— Tanya Sawyer, United Kingdom

Ozzie and Jelly Bean greyhounds

Ozzie and Jelly Bean

“Ozzie is a big loveable guy with fur like a plush toy. Jelly Bean is a big kisser and loves everybody she meets.”

— Lisa Holthaus, New Jersey, United States

Lena the greyhound


“Lena is a female red brindle greyhound that loves food and sleeping. We love our cuddle nap time! We also go out for show and tell events in our area, meeting lots of new people and letting others know what wonderful companions greyhounds make.”

— Emily Lambert, California, United States

Lucky the greyhound


“Last year we learned that Lucky, at 11 years old, needed a new home due to her health. On our first visit to see her, we put her straight into our car and she headed home with us. It was a win-win for everyone, especially for our rescued whippet who loves having a gentle senior greyhound brother again.”

— Eileen Moyer, Massachusetts, United States

Greycie and Shadow greyhounds

Greycie and Shadow

“Greycie and Shadow, both 7 years old, were rescued from the Canidrome in Macau. They are so sweet and love human affection. They love fast-paced walks with critters, as well as their toys and anything that moves. They have taken to chasing crows from the yard and racing around the fenced-in area for fun.”

— Stephanie Malady, California, United States

Lulu the greyhound


“Lulu was rescued when she was almost 3 years old, she was so afraid of everything and everyone. It took a lot of time, understanding, patience and love for her to overcome some of her anxiety. She was always afraid to leave the boundaries of her house and yard, that was her happy world. On June 26, 2019, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We miss Lulu dearly but we know she is unafraid and running free with her greyhound sister who passed before her.”

— Dawn King, Pennsylvania, United States

Ciara and Maia greyhounds

Ciara and Maia

“Ciara and Maia were littermate sisters from Florida. Sadly, we lost Maia this past October quite suddenly. We all miss her everyday. Maia was very motherly and Ciara is a goof, but both full of so much love. They were best friends, always together and looking out for one another. But when it came to squeaky toys, Maia always won. We are so blessed to have them in our family.”

— Elise Dahan, Massachusetts, United States

Kayla the greyhound


“Kayla has been a great dog! I love how she plays with squeaky toys and how she takes your bath towel and rubs herself all over it. She gets spurts of puppy energy. Kayla knows when we are coming home from the sound of our cars and is fiercely protective over us. She tends to have her tongue sticking out when she sleeps and enjoys nesting in her bed as well as ours. Her loves also include peanut butter and whining to get treats. Her bottom jaw quivers when she is excited.”

— Judith Stewart, Pennsylvania, United States

History in the Making Story Contest Winner


“My husband R.C. and I adopted Samson from MotorCity Greyhound Rescue a little over a year ago. He has blossomed since we adopted him. He didn't know how to walk up and down stairs, how to jump in the car, or even how to show he was happy. When we first met him, he hardly ever wagged his tail and had little interest in meeting people or being pet. Due to the consistency of having him in our home and through the influence of our other dog Loki, who is an affectionate Siberian Husky, his personality has really come out. Though we're still dealing with medical issues from his racing life, we're so happy we are able to share our home with him and take him on adventures with us!”

— Jamie Thorsby, Michigan, United States

Jack the greyhound


“I have a handsome boy, his name is Jack. I was looking to adopt a rescued greyhound and I saw him. From his picture I could see we needed each other. It turned out Jack picked us. He charmed my daughter and won her over. It's been two years now and Jack and I have such a connection. It turns out I needed him just as much as he needed me. He has no connection with anyone else. I'm so in love with my greyhound!”

— Mindy Deuel, Michigan, United States

Rico Suave the greyhound

Rico Suave

“Rico Suave came to me from the now defunct Tucson track. He suffered a neck injury on the track and his owner, knowing that he would no longer finish in the money, did not want to keep him or pay for his veterinary care. I rescued Rico and after months of patient kindness in a calm environment, Rico lost his fear of people and blossomed into a playful, loving companion. He is now a registered therapy dog, visiting hospitals and classrooms. He much prefers his second career bringing laughter and joy to all he meets.”

— Sherry Mangold, New Mexico, United States

Titan the greyhound


“Titan came to KC REGAP a very scared and shy dog. I adopted him in March of 2018 and he has done an amazing job adapting to our home of small dogs and cats. No longer shy, he has developed a very outgoing personality. He still doesn’t know how to jump but learned quickly how to climb in bed. When he came to us he wasn't interested in treats or any regular dog stuff, but now he LOVES cheese. This may seem like normal dog behavior, but when he came home he was more like a scared ghost roaming around. Now he is very happy and we continue to see improvements every day.”

— Sheila Ellis, Missouri, United States

Popcorn the greyhound


“Popcorn was too small to race, so she was sent to a blood lab. I contacted a greyhound rescue group in Nevada and asked to adopt a young, small, fawn female. The planets aligned. Poppy was considered too small to stay at the lab and she became part of our family. She loves her sister Sophia and our two kitties. She is a perfect addition to our home. We all have a lot of fun together. ”

— Andrea Nazarian, Nevada, United States

Lilli the greyhound


“I adopted Lilli, my third greyhound, six months ago. An ex-racer, she was injured and in poor condition when she went into foster care. She has since blossomed into a happy, healthy girl, who loves her life now! I had two greyhounds previously, Teeni and Tara, little sister sweethearts, who lived until they were 12. They have given me so much loyalty and love, they are my treasures! Forever in my heart!”

— Reena Griffin, Australia

Audrey the greyhound


“With our first amazing greyhound Treyse, I helped end greyhound racing in Massachusetts, mobilizing support, collecting signatures, speaking and manning the polls with Treyse. After she passed away, we held off adopting for 1 1/2 years, when Audrey was looking for a new home. Her owner couldn't care for her any longer. It seemed like a sign because, as mom to two boys, I never used my girl name, Audrey. She wasn't a former racer like Treyse, she came from the racing industry but no one knew the role she played. She was a nervous Nellie, afraid of the world. It took a long time to adjust but she eventually bonded with the whole family.”

— Jen Clifford, Massachusetts, United States

Pensee the greyhound


“My husband and I have been rescuing greyhounds for 26 years. We have had some great greyhounds and we make sure they fit in with the other greyhounds and our cats when they are adopted. We live on a 28 acre horse farm and all of them fall in love with the huge area they have to run and play in safely. Our greyhound Shaw is very happy and active and gets along great with our other grey, Pensee, who is the queen on our farm. Pensee loves our cats and loves to run every day on the farm.”

— Trudy Adams, South Carolina, United States

Suzie Q the greyhound

Suzie Q

“I was an applicant to adopt a greyhound in December of 2013. We were contacted in 2014 when a female greyhound became available in Slaten, TX. Suzie Q has been through so much. She's not tattooed, but is the mother of many pups. This past is so evident; she has lots of scars and is very nurturing to our other two very small dogs. We have had her almost five years and are grateful each and every day. She has taught us to have even more compassion.”

— Carrie Hoover, Texas, United States

Violet the greyhound


“Seven years ago we adopted a rescued greyhound from Friends of the Hound in Queensland. Her name was Violet and a shrinking one she was not - quickly taking over the Great Dane's bed and settling in without fuss. This gentle hound won the hearts of all. She was a great hit at my mum's retirement village and lay with her during her last three days. Violet also frequently helped calm a local autistic child and even convinced a dog-phobic family to adopt a grey. Sadly she died at 12.5 years after having suffered a stroke. We have wonderful fond memories of her and have the utmost admiration for greyhound rescue organizations like yours.”

— Kris Ferguson, Australia

Delia the greyhound


“Delia was found in Limerick starving and she was near death. She was welcomed to Limerick Animal Welfare. With love and care she survived and I fell in love when I saw her beautiful eyes online. I adopted her from Pet Levrieri in Italy. I called her Delia because it sounds tender. At first it was hard for all of us, she didn't love cuddling and kisses and so I never forced her but waited patiently. With time, she became affectionate. Now she's in perfect harmony with all the family members, humans and animals too. She loves running for fun with her friends, playing with a ball and sleeping on the sofa or on my bed. She's beautiful, sweet and magical and I can’t imagine life without her by my side.”

— Arianna Bianchi, Italy

Jovi the greyhound


“I've been fascinated with greyhounds for a long time, and have wanted to adopt one, but never thought I could because I've always had cats. After doing research and talking to rescue groups, I finally made my dream a reality, filled out an application, and adopted a greyhound of my own. We got Jovi (his racing name was Hotfoot Bon Jovi) from a greyhound rescue who in turn rescued him from a track in Florida. I've had him five months now, and guess what? He is not only fine with our four cats, but is like a cat himself! I now get to educate others about greys when I walk him and take him out in public.”

— Jennifer Repine, Pennsylvania, United States

Misa the greyhound


“Twenty years ago, a guy would come into my local coffee shop with his greyhound, and she would lay her head on his lap while he sat. I fell in love with the breed right then. I told a friend and she suggested I rescue a former racer, I hadn't heard of such a thing yet. Fifteen years later, I found myself laid off and getting divorced. I finally had the time to adopt and train my number one big girl, Ibis Carrera. She replaced my heartbreak with her love and silliness. Two years ago, I became a failed foster and adopted her new best friend, Misano Veloce. They're inseparable, and the three of us are the happiest campers.”

— Fabienne Jach, California, United States

Holly the greyhound


“Bumbleb was our first greyhound from Mobile, Alabama. She traveled everywhere with us from Maine to California. Aggie was our second dog. We attended a Minor league Baseball game in West Palm Beach and Elite greyhounds happened to be attending. Aggie adopted us!!! She was the only one that came over to greet us. Holly was adopted on July 27, 2018. She is a joy and I hope we have many many years with her!”

— Christine Ross, Florida, United States

Charlie Ian the greyhound

Charlie Ian

“Charlie Ian 'Prince of the Realm' Keating, was bred for racing. But he lacked a chase instinct and was put in a sack and left tied to a country fence to die. He was just just two months of age. Thankfully, he was found by a Good Samaritan and came to live in happiness with me and my husband for the next sixteen years. Our dear boy passed away peacefully, leaving a huge hole in our hearts.”

— Naomi Tillotson-Keating, United Kingdom

Star the greyhound


“I adopted two greys, male and female. Although Brandy passed two years ago, Star continues as a therapy dog at nursing homes, schools, colleges and our library. We always pass out his calling card which has fascinating facts about greyhounds and his photo on one side with several adoption group websites on the other. Star is a greyt ambassador!”

— Janet Medrow, Pennsylvania, United States

Nellie and Paxton, greyhounds

Nelly and Paxton

“Our grey babies Nelly and Paxton picked us. We were only going to adopt one, but this sixteen month old brother and sister simply stole our hearts. Nelly had a toy and brought it right to me and dropped it at my feet. Meanwhile, Paxton had glued himself to my husand. That's how we became a family. Greys are super special.”

— Charlene Osborn, Kansas, United States

Ivar the greyhound


“I have been adopting greys since March 2003. Ivar was adopted from Birmingham Greyhound Protection five months ago and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is like a big, happy clown! All greyhounds are so affectionate, loving and loyal and they deserve to be respected. ”

— Tanya Sawyer, United Kingdom

May the greyhound


“May, the eleven-year-old greyhound came into our life like a blizzard from a blue sky in 2011. Due to health issues, doctors gave her only six months to live. But thanks to physical therapy and acupuncture, she made it to fourteen years and 260 days! ”

— Wolfgang Hey, Germany

Emma the greyhound and Pumpkin


“I decided to learn about greyhounds after attending a dog racing event in Colorado. I had never seen a greyhound in person and thought they were beautiful with soulful eyes. After reading about the fate of greyhounds once they are deemed unworthy to race, I could no longer go to another dog track or support that industry. Last year I adopted my fourth retired racer to live a life of luxury and fun. Here is a photo of Emma with Pumpkin, our cat.”

— Judy Funk, Nebraska, United States

Iker the greyhound


“When I first volunteered at a Spanish shelter in 2011, I saw a black galgo standing in the middle of a pen shaking like a leaf. I thought to myself, "Oh, he's so cute, I wish I could adopt him." Next thing I know, a foster family showed up and whisked him away but when they turned him in six months later, he came home with me! Iker has grown from being the most terrified being I had ever met to a sweet, lovable and playful greyhound.”

— Robin Waldman, Canada

Mimi the greyhound


“Mimi (Monkspath Meril) ran over 200 times before racing home to us. A terrified soul with just four inches of tail, "Miss Upstairs" spent almost every day hiding to avoid strangers. Dear Mimi had problems with her spleen which led to the discovery that her insides were riddled with tiny cancer cells. So it was farewell to the sweetest girl long before her time at just eight years old. As the saying goes - If love could have saved you - you would have lived forever.”

— Judy Zatonski, United Kingdom

Dutchess the greyhound


“We adopted a VERY TIMID Dutchess on New Year's Day. Just three weeks later, her leash clip became undone and she bolted away, losing her coat in the process. Evening came with snow and 17 degree temperatures. With the help of friends and strangers alike, we looked for seven days. I even staked my tagged, bright laundry for six miles, then reduced it to three. On the eighth day, Duchess appeared on my porch. She was eight pounds lighter with a cut on her foot. All the searchers came to meet her and celebrate, forever friends.”

— Jeanne Hunt, New York, United States

Lola the greyhound


“Several years ago, I was hiking and met a couple with their two beautiful greyhounds. I guess it was meant to be. I fell in love with the breed and decided to go to a meet-and-greet right away. My daughter picked out Lola and I now have Buddy as well.”

— Jay Shechter, Arizona, United States

Mandy the greyhound


“My beautiful black hound Mandy has been with me for two years. She came right up to me at Friends of Greyhounds and we have never been apart since. Greyhounds are absolutely amazing and I would rescue more if I could.”

— Barbra Salony, Florida, Unites States

Bro the greyhound


“Bro is our fourth rescued greyhound over the last 25 years! We brought him home from Greyhound Pet Adoption in Palm Beach on Valentine's Day. Like our last guy "Luke" who passed last August, he comes to work in our real estate office every day. He's super well behaved and everyone that visits showers him with attention. Greys are the best dogs ever!”

— Cookie Slingbaum, Florida, United States

Stella the greyhound


“I adopted Stella from The Greyhound Supporters (National Capital Region) in Ottawa, Canada who rescued her from Florida. Laura Simmermon leads this not-for-profit group that facilitates the adoption of retired racing greyhounds from the United States and abroad. Her ten year plus efforts have resulted in the placement of over two hundred greyhounds.”

— Keely Gregory, Canada

Billy the greyhound


“We were anxious to bring home another greyhound after our first had passed away. So my son and I went to meet a truckload of rescued greyhounds that had arrived in New Jersey. One of them came over to us and it was love at first sight. Billy our black greyhound chose us! He wouldn't leave my son's side. Billy gives us so many reasons to smile and everyone that knows him understands our special attachment to greyhounds. ”

— Kathleen Caceres, New Jersey, United States

Danni the greyhound


“As a two-greyhound family we were asked by the local kennel to foster a one-year-old grey who had been found as a stray. We agreed, but strictly on a temporary basis! Danni was skinny and mangy and after a while we decided to take her to the local animal healer to help her both physically and emotionally. The healer told us "I do not know if this will mean anything to you but I have a message from Danni. She wants to stay!" Needless to say, Danni DID STAY and gave us ten years of love and laughter.”

— Jenny Richards, United Kingdom

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