GREY2K USA Worldwide commissioned Panelbase to conduct the first national survey in Wales about greyhound racing. Panelbase is a professional market research company that undertakes research in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR guidelines.

Our survey data was collected online by a representative panel of 530 Welsh adults interviewed between February 23 and February 28, 2023. The results appear below.

Do you think lawmakers should vote to phase out greyhound racing?

How important do you think greyhound racing is to Wales’ economy?

If a referendum was held tomorrow to phase out greyhound racing in Wales how would you vote?

Generally speaking, do you think greyhounds bred for racing have a good or bad quality of life?

What would you say is your impression of greyhound racing today?

There is currently one remaining dog track in Wales. It is an independent, unlicensed facility with races held one a week. Figures collated by Hope Rescue show the track has surrendered over 200 dogs to local rescuers since 2018. Despite active community opposition, Valley Greyhounds has plans to obtain a professional license by January 2024, become GBGB-qualified and increase racing fourfold.

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