Greyhound racing in Switzerland is regulated and organized by the IGWR Interessengemeinschaft für das Windhundrennwesen der SKG (community of interest for the hound racing SKG). The IGWR has five member societies as well as three coursing club members.1 There are 34 racing/coursing events on the 2014 IGWR calendar, running from March through November.2 Races are open to a variety of dog breeds, although all races are segregated by breed.

The IGWR has a set of national racing regulations that include anti-doping policies and licensing requirements.3 As a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale the IGWR also follows the FCI rules for racing.4

The greyhounds racing in Switzerland appear to have been bred in the country.

There is no wagering on greyhound races in Switzerland.

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