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There is currently one greyhound track in Slovakia. The Slovak Greyhound Racing Union conducts and oversees the races at the oval track, which is located in the village of Invanka pri Nitre. The Union is a registered organization with the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and has been in existence since 1998.1

In 2013 a total of five race days were held.2 A variety of dog breeds actually compete on the track, with races divided by breed. There were 15 greyhounds listed as participants for the 2013 racing season.3 Individuals can also use the track for training their dogs, with a flexible schedule based on interest. The greyhounds are not housed at the track, but instead are brought to the site by their owners to race.

The Racing Union complies with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (International Kennel Federation) rules for sighthound racing.4 The Continental Federation of Greyhound Racing Rules is also posted on the Slovak Greyhound Racing Union's website, although Slovakia is not a member of the Federation.

There is no wagering on greyhound races in Slovakia.

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