The main group organizing greyhound races in Pakistan is the Dhillon Greyhound Club. They conduct both straight track sprint and coursing competitions in a village named Chack 7. Its big annual race is the Faisalabad Derby. The club also used the Agriculture University of Faisalabad to hold a Spring Festival race in March 2013.1

At least some of the greyhounds in Pakistan were imported from Ireland to serve as breeding dogs. There are also 19 greyhound breeding kennels in Pakistan listed on, an online database maintained by dog racing gamblers.2 According to just one kennel it breeds 70 to 80 pups each year. Imported greyhounds participate in separate races from greyhounds bred in the country.

We did not find any evidence of regulations or rules for greyhound races taking place in the country. Photographic evidence shows that in at least some races a deceased hare is used as a lure.4

There is no wagering on greyhound races in Pakistan.

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