Dog racing in Punjab
Photo by Daniel Berehulak

Greyhound racing is conducted on straight tracks throughout the country of India. Close to 1,000 greyhound races are held each year in Punjab, one of the most popular areas for racing.1 Multiple day racing events can attract up to 150 greyhounds.2 At least some of the dogs racing in India were imported from other countries, including the United States, Ireland, Pakistan and Canada.3

So far, issues surrounding the legality of greyhound racing in India have been addressed on the local level. In December 2012 the Animal Welfare Board of India banned greyhound races at any district livestock championship events in Punjab.4 However, races were still held in February 2013 during the Kilaraipur Rural Sports festival.5 Animal advocates and government officials also stopped a race scheduled for September 2013 in the district of Maharashtra. In May 2013 the Punjab government introduced a draft bill, the Punjab Horse Race (Regulation and Management) Act, which included language for the development of a dog racing track.6 The Act passed in November 2013 but the final language included in the bill is unclear at this time. None of the news articles reporting on the bill's passage have made any mention to greyhound racing.

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