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There are two racing tracks in Hungary: the Alsonemedi Greyhound Park and the Isaszeg greyhound track. Both of these tracks are oval with sand running surfaces and conduct races of various lengths.

In 2018 a total of 182 races were held between the two tracks.1 Like several of the other European countries with non-commercial racing, various sighthound breeds participate but all races are segregated by breed. The greyhounds are not housed at the track, but instead are brought to the site by their owners to race.

Beginning in 2015, Kincsem Park has held greyhound races on the home stretch of its synthetic horse track. 2 A greyhound track is also currently being constructed at Kincsem Park.3

Hungary follows the International Kennel Federation rules for sighthound racing and the Hungarian Kennel Club Greyhound Racing and Breeding Rules.4

There may be wagering on greyhound races in Hungary.

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