Greyhound racing is organized by several different associations in Belgium. The Belgium Greyhound Racing Federation, which is a member of the Continental Greyhound Racing Confederation, actually races at the Oaklane Greyhound Track in the Netherlands.1 The track conducts both whippet and greyhound races from March to November.2

Greyhound racing in Belgium is organized at two tracks by the KVW Beringen and the Belgian National Club Racing Greyhounds (National Belge de Courses de Lévriers) groups. Both tracks have grass running surfaces. Around 32 racing days were held in 2013.3 Races are open to a variety of sighthounds breeds, although all races are segregated by breed. The greyhounds are not housed at the track, but instead are brought to the venues by their owners to race.

There are eight greyhound breeding kennels in Belgium listed on, an online database maintained by dog racing gamblers.4 In addition to country-bred greyhounds, at least some of the dogs racing there are from other countries, including Hungary and Ireland.5

There are a variety of racing rules that are followed by the different greyhound racing associations in the country. There are both racing and doping regulations for the Oaklane Greyhound Track.6 The National Belge de Courses de Lévriers complies with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (International Kennel Federation) rules for sighthound racing. There does not appear to be any wagering on greyhound races taking place in Belgium.7

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