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Starting in November 2016, a rotating schedule of greyhound racing was authorized at the state’s three remaining greyhound tracks: Valley Race Park, Gulf Greyhound Park, and Gulf Coast Racing. Each track will host 36 live race meets from November through February, once every three years.1

Four greyhounds collide during a race in Texas
Four greyhounds collide during a race in Texas. (Valley Race Park)

Greyhound racing had previously ceased in Texas with the closure of Gulf Greyhound Park in December 2015.2 However, by virtue of a deal between the industry and the Texas Racing Commission, a rotating schedule was implemented which permits the racetracks to exploit a legal technicality allowing for year-round simulcast wagering at all three racetracks.3 According to Texas Rules of Racing Chapter 321, a license to operate a pari-mutuel racetrack “includes as a part of its privileges the privilege of conducting pari-mutuel wagering on simulcast races.”4 As long as tracks have been granted race dates in the future, even three years in the future, they can legally offer more lucrative simulcast wagering on dog races taking place elsewhere


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