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There is only one greyhound racetrack remaining in Iowa, the Iowa Greyhound Park in Dubuque, which has announced its intention to close with the cessation of subsidies in 2022.1 The track currently holds live races from May through October and held a total of 96 racing performances in 2017.2 As of November 2017, there were ten kennels at the track.3

Greyhound racing in Iowa is regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission which enforces pari-mutuel wagering rules. In 2017, a total of $1,281,104 was wagered on live greyhound racing at Iowa’s Dubuque track, a decline of 41.7% from 2007.4

There are thought to be as many as sixty greyhound farms in Iowa.5 These breeders have historically received subsidies which have come from the state's gambling profits, amounting to almost $14 million annually.6 However, a $72 million casino buyout adopted in 2015 finally eliminated this subsidy arrangement, but called for “cessation” payments to industry participants. Approximately half of the buyout was allocated to breeders and trainers affected by the closure of Council Bluffs in December 2015. The other half was awarded for the continued operation of the Iowa Greyhound Park through the year 2022.7 Thankfully, a portion of the funds was also directed to assist with greyhound welfare and to promote adoption of dogs released from racing. In October 2021, greyhound breeders announced that racing will end on May 15, 2022 with the exhaustion of the subsidy program. Adoption groups are standing by to absorb the dogs.8

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