About Dog Racing: Injuries

Thousands of dogs are injured at racetracks each year

At dog tracks nationwide, greyhounds routinely suffer serious injuries. From January 2008 through September 2016, a total of 13,966 greyhound injuries have been documented. The most commonly reported injury was a broken leg. Other injuries included head trauma, electrocution, and broken backs.

The remaining two states with active dog tracks, Alabama and Florida, do not report greyhound injuries to the public. This is a notable omission, because a majority of operational dog tracks are now located in Florida. Minimal injury data has become available through Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) investigative files, death notifications, and inspection reports. An examination of these records identified 199 greyhound injuries between 2008 and 2015, including at least 137 dogs that died or were euthanized.

Greyhound racing injuries have also been documented in other countries. Tracks in the United Kingdom do not make injury information public, but GREY2K USA conducted an analysis of injury information obtained from social media accounts of industry members. This analysis documented a total of 276 specific greyhound injuries dating from 2006 to June 2014.  Bone fractures were overwhelmingly the most frequently reported injury.  



































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