About Dog Racing: Confinement

Greyhounds are confined for 20 or more hours each day

Racing greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement. They live inside warehouse-style kennels in rows of stacked cages that are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. They are confined for long hours each day, with shredded paper or carpet remnants as bedding. According to industry statements, greyhounds are kept confined in their cages for 20 or more hours per day. They are confined perpetually with two exceptions:

  1. A few times per month, greyhounds are removed from their cages and taken to a racetrack, where they compete.
  2. A few times per day, greyhounds are "turned out" in a large group and allowed to relieve themselves. These turn-outs account for a total cumulative period of three to five hours per day.
Cages are barely large enough for dogs to stand up or turn around

The standard minimum size for dog track cages is 32 inches high, by 31 inches wide, by 42 inches deep, with some slightly larger. They are produced by commercial companies that specialize in racetrack cages, such as G&T Crates. According to the American Greyhound Council, greyhounds stand between 23 inches and 30 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 85 pounds. Using these dimensions provided by the industry, large greyhounds cannot stand fully erect in racetrack cages.

Texas greyhound breeding farm

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