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01/17/2012: The Sun Sentinel - In bid to reduce greyhound racing in Florida, strange allies emerge

01/11/2012: Florida Times-Union - Dogs and poker sometimes don't mix

12/17/2011: The Tampa Tribune - Give the dogs a break

12/11/2011: Naples News - Editorial: Time to pass greyhound 'decoupling' plan

12/06/2011: The Palm Beach Post - Animal lovers revive push end to greyhound racing in Florida

12/06/2011: Naples News - Group makes new pitch to end greyhound racing

10/20/2011: The Walton Sun - Ronnie Williams Pleads Guilty in a Greyhound Abuse Case

04/29/2011: Naples News - Senate passes bill on greyhound racing

04/27/2011: The Daily Record - Who let the dogs out? Tracks may have no greyhounds under bill

04/26/2011: The Sun Sentenial - Greyhound bill passes FL House

04/23/2011: South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Decoupling' bill on dog races a solid bet

04/13/2011: Tampa Bay Tribune- Give Dogs a RestBill sponsors

04/01/2011: Naples News - Greyhound racing/gambling 'decoupling' will help animals

03/22/2011: Florida News Service - As Gambling Bills Move, Commission Gets a New Look

01/14/2011: WFTV TV News - Dogs At Daytona Beach Kennel Club Test Positive For Cocaine

12/07/2010: NEWS Channel 7 - Accused Greyhound Dog Killer Enters 'Not Guilty' Plea


06/18/2012: Join GREY2K USA in Naples this Friday night!

05/2/2012: Reminder: Join Us May 26 in Tampa to promote greyhound adoption

04/11/2012: Meet the superstars of greyhound adoption at a special dinner in Tampa!

04/9/2012: Promote greyhound adoption with one click of your mouse!

02/6/2012: Skechers biggest losers in Super Bowl, greyhounds fight on

01/25/2012: Fight for Florida's Greyhounds Continues

01/18/2012: Vote for the dogs, join the Florida grassroots movement

12/06/2011: Florida dog racing cruelty revealed

12/29/2011: A special event for florida greyhound advocates

11/16/2011: The greyhounds invite you to a special meeting

05/04/2011: Let’s Make One Final Push for Greyhounds Like Crystal

03/22/2011: Florida sub-committee approves greyhound bill, calls needed

03/17/2011: Florida Dogs Need Your Help

02/28/2011: Miami TV Station Uncovers Cruelty of Dog Racing

11/02/2010: Kennel Abandoned, Dogs Left to Die at Ebro Greyhound Park

Saving Greys Blog Posts

12/08/2011 - Florida Greyhound Tour Enters the Homestretch

12/05/2011 - A Grassroots Movement for the Greyhounds



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