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  • Twenty-eight dog tracks have closed or ended dog racing since our formation in 2001.

  • Our research has led to the exposure of hundreds of media documented cases of greyhound cruelty and neglect, including dogs testing positive for cocaine, dogs suffering terrible injuries and dogs experiencing severe neglect at racing kennels.

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  • In the United States, the number of greyhounds bred for the racing industry has declined for ten consecutive years.

  • GREY2K USA has investigated greyhound racing throughout the world and reported on dog racing in Macau, Vietnam, AustraliaNew ZealandArgentina and the United Kingdom.

  • We have helped defeat multiple attempts to subsidize dog racing with other forms of gambling, and blocked new tax breaks for dog tracks.

  • Since 2002, GREY2K USA has endorsed more than one hundred greyhound friendly candidates across the country, with a success rate of 84% on election day.  We also have a 60% success rate on greyhound related ballot questions.

  • GREY2K USA maintains an online database of greyhound disciplinary rulings, the largest compilation of such data in the world.

  • After years of debate, the Iowa legislature passed a bill to phase out dog racing in 2014. The new law closes one dog track, and permanently ends $14 million in annual subsidies for greyhound breeders. GREY2K USA supported this law, and worked for years to educate lawmakers about greyhound cruelty in the state.

  • In 2014, GREY2K USA drafted and helped pass a bill to prohibit commercial dog racing in Colorado.

  • In 2014, GREY2K USA drafted and helped pass a comprehensive greyhound injury reporting law in Arizona.

  • In 2014, GREY2K USA led a worldwide campaign to again keep dog racing out of South Africa.

  • In 2013, years of advocacy by GREY2K USA resulted in the implementation of new greyhound welfare regulations in Florida. greyhound welfare regulations in Florida.

  • In 2013, GREY2K USA supported the passage of new laws in Arkansas, Arizona and Texas to increase maximum dog track suspensions and fines, including the strongest penalties ever.

  • In 2013, GREY2K USA supported the approval of a new Animal Cruelty Policy in West Virginia, which states that cases of greyhound cruelty will be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials. 

  • In 2013, GREY2K USA helped block the re-opening of dog tracks in Kansas as racetrack casinos.  Similarly, bills to award slot machine gambling to Texas dog tracks were also defeated.

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  • In 2012, a two year fight by GREY2K USA resulted in passage of a greyhound decoupling bill in Arizona, paving the way for live dog racing to finally end at Tucson Greyhound Park.

  • GREY2K USA joined with other greyhound protection groups in the United Kingdom, including GreytExploitations, and successfully lobbied London Mayor Boris Johnson to perma