Who We Are

"How grateful I am for the work GREY2K USA does, and I thank everyone who appreciates these magnificent animals."
    - Betty White, Actress

Our Supporters

GREY2K USA is an independent, non-profit effort entirely supported by its members. People from all walks of life -- including school teachers, dog walkers, veterinarians, accountants, construction workers and corporate CEOs, have joined with us to help end dog racing. We have more than 100,000 supporters, including supporters from all fifty U.S. states and from countries all over the world.

GREY2K USA does not accept donations from individuals or corporations with a financial interest in commercial dog racing or the gambling industry.

If you would like to make a donation to support our work and help end the cruelty of dog racing, please click here.




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A Global Voice for Greyhounds

GREY2K USA Worldwide 15 years saving greyhoundsGREY2K USA Worldwide 15 years saving greyhounds

Ending the Cruelty of Dog Racing

Our Strategy:

1. Passing Stronger Greyhound Protection Laws
2. Defeating Attempts to Subsidize Dog Tracks

GREY2K USA works to defeat attempts to prop up the cruelty of dog racing and has successfully repealed direct subsidies and tax breaks once awarded to dog track owners.

3. Preventing the Global Expansion of Commercial Dog Racing

"Greyhound racing has remained a legal activity in some states partly because no single group has existed to consistently and persistently expose on a national level the abuses inherent in the industry and to fight its expansion. GREY2K USA's emergence is the best news greyhounds have had in decades."
    - Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States





GREY2K USA Worldwide is a non-profit 501(c)4 advocacy organization located at 7 Central Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02476.  100% of donations support our mission to end dog racing, pass greyhound protection laws and promote greyhound adoption.. We are grateful for personal and corporate contributions. Because GREY2K USA lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible. 

Privacy Notice: It is against our policy to share, rent, sell or make our supporters' or volunteers' names or other information available to third parties. Unless disclosure is required by law, we can assure you that your personal information will be kept confidentially by this organization.






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