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Oregon has become the 42nd state to ban the cruelty of dog racing!

Thanks to greyhound advocates like you, Multnomah Greyhound Park is now history. One of the first legal dog tracks in the United States, this awful place is now closed and commercial greyhound racing has been banned once and for all in Oregon.

I hope you will stay with us as we fight to end dog racing wherever it exists. Please help us meet the challenges of our growing global fight by making a donation to help greyhounds today.

GREY2K USA Worldwide is a non-profit 501(c)4 advocacy organization located at 7 Central Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02476. 100% of donations support our mission to end dog racing, pass greyhound protection laws and promote greyhound adoption. We are grateful for personal and corporate contributions. Because GREY2K USA lobbies for greyhound legislation, contributions are not tax deductible.

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