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How to join the GREY2K USA Worldwide Greyhound Heroes Circle

The Greyhound Heroes Circle is for VIPs who aim to raise $1,000 or more for GREY2K USA Worldwide each year.  Circle members receive a video tour of our Massachusetts headquarters and will also be invited to join a special conference call with our international board of directors.  This is a team effort!  

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Online crowdfunding -Have you ever wondered what it's like for a greyhound to spend all day in a cage? We are planning a fundraising challenge in which volunteers will be sitting in a "cage" until they hit their fundraising goal. This event will raise funds for our campaigns and educate others about the terrible confinement that greyhounds endure. We will provide special event t-shirts to all participants. More details to come.

Hosting a house party - Love greyhounds and parties? Invite friends and family for a greyt night out (full-fledged dinner or just drinks and nibbles) during which they can learn more about the cruelty of dog racing. We will provide all necessary educational materials and you can request a donation at the door or leave out a donation jar.

Engaging a local store owner or restaurant to donate proceeds - Engage a local store to donate proceeds - Do you know a local business (bakery, restaurant or even a bowling alley) that would offer a portion of proceeds for a day to GREY2K USA?  

Holding a sale for the hounds -  Host a yard sale, bake sale, or if you have a special skill like jewelry-making or sewing, raise money by selling your work.  If you have friends and neighbors who would also offer items for sale, ask them to contribute too!  Sell online or in person.

Suggest your own idea - Do you have a talent or idea of your own for a fundraising event? Describe it here and we will contact you to discuss your suggestion.