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Charlie Ian the greyhound

“Charlie Ian 'Prince of the Realm' Keating, was bred for racing. But he lacked a chase instinct and was put in a sack and left tied to a country fence to die. He was just just two months of age. Thankfully, he was found by a Good Samaritan and came to live in happiness with me and my husband for the next sixteen years. Our dear boy passed away peacefully, leaving a huge hole in our hearts. ”

— Naomi Tillotson-Keating, United Kingdom

Star the greyhound


“I adopted two greys, male and female. Although Brandy passed two years ago, Star continues as a therapy dog at nursing homes, schools, colleges and our library. We always pass out his calling card which has fascinating facts about greyhounds and his photo on one side with several adoption group websites on the other. Star is a greyt ambassador!”

— Janet Medrow, Pennsylvania, United States

Nellie and Paxton, greyhounds

Nellie and Paxton

“Our grey babies Nelly and Paxton picked us. We were only going to adopt one, but this sixteen month old brother and sister simply stole our hearts. Nelly had a toy and brought it right to me and dropped it at my feet. Meanwhile, Paxton had glued himself to my husand. That's how we became a family. Greys are super special.”

— Charlene Osborn, Kansas, United States

Ivar the greyhound


“I have been adopting greys since March 2003. Ivar was adopted from Birmingham Greyhound Protection five months ago and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is like a big, happy clown! All greyhounds are so affectionate, loving and loyal and they deserve to be respected. ”

— Tanya Sawyer, United Kingdom

May the greyhound


“May, the eleven-year-old greyhound came into our life like a blizzard from a blue sky in 2011. Due to health issues, doctors gave her only six months to live. But thanks to physical therapy and acupuncture, she made it to fourteen years and 260 days! ”

— Wolfgang Hey, Germany

Emma the greyhound and Pumpkin


“I decided to learn about greyhounds after attending a dog racing event in Colorado. I had never seen a greyhound in person and thought they were beautiful with soulful eyes. After reading about the fate of greyhounds once they are deemed unworthy to race, I could no longer go to another dog track or support that industry. Last year I adopted my fourth retired racer to live a life of luxury and fun. Here is a photo of Emma with Pumpkin, our cat.”

— Judy Funk, Nebraska, United States

Iker the greyhound


“When I first volunteered at a Spanish shelter in 2011, I saw a black galgo standing in the middle of a pen shaking like a leaf. I thought to myself, "Oh, he's so cute, I wish I could adopt him." Next thing I know, a foster family showed up and whisked him away but when they turned him in six months later, he came home with me! Iker has grown from being the most terrified being I had ever met to a sweet, lovable and playful greyhound.”

— Robin Waldman, Canada

Mimi the greyhound


“Mimi (Monkspath Meril) ran over 200 times before racing home to us. A terrified soul with just four inches of tail, "Miss Upstairs" spent almost every day hiding to avoid strangers. Dear Mimi had problems with her spleen which led to the discovery that her insides were riddled with tiny cancer cells. So it was farewell to the sweetest girl long before her time at just eight years old. As the saying goes - If love could have saved you - you would have lived forever.”

— Judy Zatonski, United Kingdom

Dutchess the greyhound


“We adopted a VERY TIMID Dutchess on New Year's Day. Just three weeks later, her leash clip became undone and she bolted away, losing her coat in the process. Evening came with snow and 17 degree temperatures. With the help of friends and strangers alike, we looked for seven days. I even staked my tagged, bright laundry for six miles, then reduced it to three. On the eighth day, Duchess appeared on my porch. She was eight pounds lighter with a cut on her foot. All the searchers came to meet her and celebrate, forever friends.”

— Jeanne Hunt, New York, United States

Lola the greyhound


“Several years ago, I was hiking and met a couple with their two beautiful greyhounds. I guess it was meant to be. I fell in love with the breed and decided to go to a meet-and-greet right away. My daughter picked out Lola and I now have Buddy as well.”

— Jay Shechter, Arizona, United States

Mandy the greyhound


“My beautiful black hound Mandy has been with me for two years. She came right up to me at Friends of Greyhounds and we have never been apart since. Greyhounds are absolutely amazing and I would rescue more if I could.”

— Barbra Salony, Florida, Unites States

Bro the greyhound


“Bro is our fourth rescued greyhound over the last 25 years! We brought him home from Greyhound Pet Adoption in Palm Beach on Valentine's Day. Like our last guy "Luke" who passed last August, he comes to work in our real estate office every day. He's super well behaved and everyone that visits showers him with attention. Greys are the best dogs ever!”

— Cookie Slingbaum, Florida, United States

Stella the greyhound


“I adopted Stella from The Greyhound Supporters (National Capital Region) in Ottawa, Canada who rescued her from Florida. Laura Simmermon leads this not-for-profit group that facilitates the adoption of retired racing greyhounds from the United States and abroad. Her ten year plus efforts have resulted in the placement of over two hundred greyhounds.”

— Keely Gregory, Canada

Billy the greyhound


“We were anxious to bring home another greyhound after our first had passed away. So my son and I went to meet a truckload of rescued greyhounds that had arrived in New Jersey. One of them came over to us and it was love at first sight. Billy our black greyhound chose us! He wouldn't leave my son's side. Billy gives us so many reasons to smile and everyone that knows him understands our special attachment to greyhounds. ”

— Kathleen Caceres, New Jersey, United States

Danni the greyhound


“As a two-greyhound family we were asked by the local kennel to foster a one-year-old grey who had been found as a stray. We agreed, but strictly on a temporary basis! Danni was skinny and mangy and after a while we decided to take her to the local animal healer to help her both physically and emotionally. The healer told us "I do not know if this will mean anything to you but I have a message from Danni. She wants to stay!" Needless to say, Danni DID STAY and gave us ten years of love and laughter.”

— Jenny Richards, United Kingdom

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