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Hope rises for English greyhounds


Times are changing for the better!

Twenty years ago this week, I was struck by two speeding trolley cars while taking my dog Kelsey on her morning walk. She pulled me from the direct path of the trains, saving my life.

Nonetheless, we were both seriously injured. Kelsey underwent hip replacement surgery at a nearby veterinarian's office. I was unable to return to my job at a law firm for almost two years. It was during this time that I realized my life must take a new course. I promised that if I should ever be able to walk again, I would work to rescue dogs, as Kelsey had rescued me.

Christine and KelseyIt soon became clear that ending dog racing – and helping to spare innocent greyhounds from suffering terrible injury and death at racetracks – was the work that I must do. Ironically, Kelsey was actually a big black Russian Terrier, and not a greyhound at all! But without her, I would not be here and GREY2K USA would never have come to be.

Meet Kelsey and watch our story here.

Since I got my second chance on that September day, I have worked to give greyhounds the second chance they deserve too. And now, our campaign has expanded beyond the United States.

The GREY2K USA team has just returned from a ten-day fact finding trip to the United Kingdom. We met with animal protection organizations and greyhound advocates, visited a dog track and participated in a wonderful greyhound outreach event in Devon. Yesterday, the League Against Cruel Sports even posted a blog about our meeting!

Please go to our new United Kingdom campaign page to see photos and read more about dog racing across the Atlantic.

As our mission grows, we are working to bring greyhound advocates together as never before. Please join with us and support these growing efforts to bring all greyhounds home for good.

For the hounds,


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA



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