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A Message from a Greyhound Named Hope

Dear Friends,

My greyhound's name is Hope. I did not give her that name, she came with it. In my more fanciful moments, I take that for a sign.

When the TV news is especially grim, or the computer breaks down, or any of the other small frustrations of daily life begin to get me down, I go for a walk in the woods with my dog. Hope is an adopted greyhound, one of those discarded by the track when she stopped winning money. She is incredibly beautiful, and as delicate and graceful as a fawn.

These walks are the highlight of her day. She pokes her nose into every bush and pile of leaves, checking for messages other dogs and wild creatures have left behind. This is her time to be "all dog" and to connect with everything that has happened since she last passed through. It lifts my spirits to be able to give her the natural life of a dog, a life she never experienced until the age of four.

As you read this, thousands of wonderful greyhounds are looking for homes. They have survived the racing industry and are waiting for a person or a family to care for them and to love them. Thankfully, their happiness (and yours) is just a phone call or a click away!

Please consider going on line right now and finding a rescue group in your area. Set up an appointment to meet your Forever Friend today.

Even as racing has ended in states like Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the work of adoption groups everywhere goes on. This means there are more groups than ever helping place dogs from fewer and fewer tracks. Greyhounds today have a better chance of rescue than ever, but there are still so many in need.

For a list of groups around the country and around the world, please go to our adoption page now.

Meanwhile, with Hope at my side, I will continue work for the day when no greyhound is exploited by the cruel dog racing industry.

We urge you to make a gentle greyhound part of your family in the new year.

Hope and Paula
Paula Blanchard
Board Member
GREY2K USA Education Fund

GREY2K USA Education Fund

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