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Sign petition to expose cruelty of dog racing in Iowa

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the hard work of local adoption groups, the public has become increasingly familiar with the plight of rescued racers. But few of us know how life begins for them on breeding farms.
Today we bring you the first ever compilation of photographs taken by local officials, greyhound breeders and owners at greyhound puppy mills operating in multiple states. See our new video The Secret Life of Greyhound Puppies now.

Breeders tattoo their pups at a very young age, leave them outside with only minimal protection from the elements, and then sell the most promising dogs into a life of racing. Mother dogs live in near-constant confinement, and are forced to have multiple litters year in and year out.

This is no way to treat a dog! As long as greyhound racing continues, thousands and thousands of innocent greyhounds will be born into a cruel industry, suffer and die.

puppy outsideHelp us stop this suffering by shutting down dog tracks and the breeding farms they serve. Watch our new video, share it with your friends and family and then please make a donation or become a monthly donor today.

For 50 cents a day or just $15 a month you can help shut down greyhound puppy mills like the ones you have just seen. Together, we have the power to save the greyhounds!

Become a monthly donor to GREY2K USA and lend a hand to these gentle friends today.


Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA

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