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Skechers refuses to pull dog track ad; prizes for best

Dear Greyhound Advocates:

Newspapers across the country are reporting on Skechers misguided decision to film its Superbowl commercial at Tucson Greyhound Park -- but Skechers has so far refused to pull the ad. See the USA Today, Business Insider and other stories here. It is unconscionable that Skechers would promote its sneakers at this notorious dog track, where hundreds of greyhounds live in confinement and many die each year.

Take a look at the photos of greyhounds at the TGP kennel compound. Would you treat your dog this way?

At TGP, greyhounds are kept confined in small cages which are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. They are fed raw 4-D meat, the meat of downed, diseased, disabled or dead livestock. This was documented in recent inspection by Pima County investigators and by a GREY2K USA undercover video released last year.

The greyhounds need you to take action now!

Dog at Tucson Greyhound Park
Dog at Tucson Greyhound Park
Dog at Tucson Greyhound Park

  • Please download our "No Skechers" flyer and sign, and host a rally at the Skechers store nearest you. (We will also mail these materials to you if you prefer, just let us know)

  • Be sure to bring a "No Skechers" flyer right to the manager and let her or him know you will not patronize the store if Skechers features Tucson Greyhound Park (or any other dog track) in this commercial.

  • Finally, enter our photo contest by sending in a picture from your rally or an image showing how your greyhound feels about Skechers. Three winners will receive one of our new anti-racing Zoe caps.

Today, Dana of our office informed the Skechers store in Boston that we will be hosting a rally there on January 28. A Tucson rally will take place on the same day, and greyhound adoption volunteers are circulating "No Skechers" flyers at meet and greets starting this weekend.

Join the team today! We've recruited over 50,000 signatures on our petition, lets keep the momentum going.

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA
Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA



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