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Adoption Spotlight: Pet Levrieri

Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have sprung up across the world to find homes for dogs that have been saved from the racing industry. As part of our continuing series, we would like to spotlight the wonderful work of Italy’s Pet Levrieri .

Dear Friends,

Since 2013, Stefania Traini and Pet Levrieri have been focused on the goal of ending greyhound racing and the use of galgos in hunting. The association exists as a network of foster families, who take in 160 dogs a year!

Pet Levrieri works primarily with Limerick Animal Welfare and Erin Hounds of Ireland as well as the Scooby refuge of Spain to save dogs that otherwise might not be saved. On a recent trip to pick up greyhounds, Stephania sent me the following message:


Sorry for my delay in responding. I am on my way to Spain. l will be here until next Monday. It is our pleasure to join hands with you in this worldwide fight for the hounds! Here’s our official mission:

  1. To support initiatives and groups who oppose greyhound racing and hunting with galgos.
  2. To rehome greyhounds, lurchers and galgos from Ireland and Spain.
  3. To promote rescued greyhounds as pets and great life companions.

Our support of anti-racing and anti-hunting initiatives is carried out via donations for campaigns, participation in anti-racing events such as the demonstrations against the Greyhound Board of Great Britain as well as the recent international #ClosetheCanidrome candlelight vigil organized by GREY2K USA Worldwide.

We also continuously share information and reports via our bilingual website and FB pages, and promote greyhounds as pets and share information about their situation when offered the opportunity to do so in interviews by Italian TV, radio and the press. Here is a video describing our programs.

All of our foster families are carefully selected, and are assisted through each phase as they prepare the greyhounds for adoption, both by our association and by qualified professional behaviorists. These offer practical guidance and advice on how to provide the dog with positive experiences in family life, getting to know the outside world and interacting with other dogs and animals.

The understanding and appreciation of rescued greyhounds is encouraged by offering informative workshops for adopters and their dogs, organized with some of the best and most highly qualified dog behaviorists in the area.


Please join with us and make a donation to assist these wonderful efforts today. Together we can save the greyhounds!

Christine A. Dorchak
President and General Counsel

Christine and Gina
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