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Help Needed: Only Days Left to Give Greyhounds a Voice!
Dear Friends,

The greyhounds need your help.

For decades, greyhounds raced at the Walthamstow dog track in East London. Countless dogs suffered and died at this track before racing ended in 2008. Although Walthamstow has been closed for four years, there is a real danger that it may soon reopen.

In just a few days, the fate of this cruel track will be decided, and the lives of thousands of greyhounds hang in the balance. That is why I'm writing you today, to ask for your help in this very important campaign for the dogs.

Since Walthamstow closed, an association named London and Quadrant has proposed turning the site into affordable housing. This plan has been approved by local officials, and is now on the desk of London Mayor Boris Johnson. Meanwhile, dog race supporters have spent the last few years trying to resurrect greyhound racing at Walthamstow. They have even gone so far as to make death threats against local officials who support the housing plan.

ZoeMayor Boris Johnson has said that he will decide the fate of Walthamstow on next Wednesday, October 24. With only days left, he has a simple choice. He can either support affordable housing, or he can support an industry that is cruel and inhumane.

Please send an e-mail to Mayor Johnson right away, and ask him to oppose the reintroduction of greyhound racing at Walthamstow.

Also, if you are a greyhound adopter please send the mayor a photo of your rescued friend. I've already sent my e-mail to the mayor, and included a photograph of my rescued greyhound Zoe. I want him to see Zoe before he decides the fate of Walthamstow.

Together, we can give greyhounds like Zoe a voice in this momentous decision. Please join me, and send your e-mail to Mayor Boris Johnson. This is an important moment in the fight for greyhounds, and the dogs are counting on us.

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA

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