Meet the 2018 calendar dogs!

Dear Friends,
Our 2018 Greyhound Freedom Calendar is dedicated to the thousands of greyhounds who have been saved from the cruelty of dog racing all over the globe.​

This year’s cover dogs are Wiki and Erin who were rescued from certain death in the Irish racing world. They celebrate their freedom each day. Other specially-featured winners include Rocket and Lena from the Greyhound Adoption Center in California and little Zoey, an “oops” puppy from Florida. ​


We are also pleased to announce the other winners of our contest. All 28 winners will receive a free calendar! Below are the greyhounds chosen to represent specific months:​

Calendar winners


Albert – Ellen Jean Cooley, USA

Amber – Tanya Sawyer, UK

Bella, Bo and Gracie – Larry Czasonis, USA

Barney – Stefania Traini, Italy

Emma Judy Funk, USA

Hendon – Ian and Helen Cooper, UK

Duke – Carrie Saracini, USA

Lovey – Richard Shufelt, USA

Rob and Blackie - Massimo Greco, Italy

Saffron – Judy Zatonski, United Kingdom

Stanley – Mia Renden, USA

Yona – Anne Prost, France


Also featured are these wonderful dogs:

Afra – Brenda Nigam, UK

Blue – Katerine Nicholls, USA

Claire – Judy Thourot, USA

Dapper Dan – Nikki McClain, USA

Duke – Norman Wirtz, USA

Feïto  – Christine Josselin, France

Jack – Shaylon Stolk, USA

Josh – Janet Skinner, USA

Olwen – Robin Reich, USA

Rufus – Debra Heine, USA

Spirit – Tracy Bygate, USA

Teddy – Lorraine Pedersen, USA

Please pre-order one of our new calendars today and support the continuing work to end dog racing. Not only will you receive a beautiful pictorial of rescued greyhounds, but on every page you will find the history of our campaigns from 2001 – present. Our Greyhound Freedom Calendar is a real keeper!

Calendars are $21 plus shipping and handling. Order five or more and receive a 25% discount. Estimated shipment is November 1.​

We believe that greyhounds should grow up in families and receive the same love that other dogs do. The goal of GREY2K USA Worldwide will be reached when all greyhounds finally come home.

Pre-order your 2018 Greyhound Calendar

Thanks for supporting these efforts! Order your calendar now and get ready for another big year of greyhound advocacy around the globe.

For the greyhounds,

Christine Carey and Gina Christine Dorchak signature
Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
Carey Theil signature
Carey M. Theil
Executive Director

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