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Will you let greyhound breeders get away with this?

Dear Friends,

We are winning the fight to end greyhound cruelty.

Since the formation of GREY2K USA, twenty-seven dog tracks have closed or ended live racing. Gambling on dog racing is down by 67% and greyhound breeding has dropped by 63%. Greyhound breeders are losing, and they are getting desperate.

greyhound in cagfeThat is why the dog racing industry has launched a vicious campaign of misinformation and personal attacks. Greyhound breeders spend hours every day smearing GREY2K USA, spreading all sorts of fabrications and wild conspiracy theories. They don't even try to engage in an honest debate, because they know they can't defend the cruelty of dog racing.

Just in the past few days, greyhound race promoters have called GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak a "greedy bitch who has found a milk train." They also mocked Christine over a near-fatal accident she suffered more than twenty years ago, saying she "looks pretty good for being hit by a train. Lol." Just a few weeks before that, a former greyhound trainer wrote that he wished Christine had been at the Boston marathon when the tragic bombings occurred.

Will you let greyhound breeders get away with this? I'm betting you won't, and will instead speak up for GREY2K USA and the important work we do together. First, please go to a website called GreatNonprofits, and submit a review of GREY2K USA as a non-profit organization. This is one of the sites where greyhound breeders have been smearing us.

thermomemterSubmit a Non-Profit Review for GREY2K USA

Then, make a donation to support our campaigns right away. The best way we can counter these personal attacks is by focusing on our mission. In fact, until the end of the day every donation will be doubled thanks to a generous gift from a GREY2K USA supporter. So far, we have raised 77% of our goal, and only need $2,293 in additional donations to maximize this important opportunity.

Make a Donation to GREY2K USA Today and Your Gift Will be Doubled

It's up to you whether these cynical tactics work. Greyhound breeders are counting on you to do nothing, and are hoping their vicious attacks will harm our campaigns. Let's stand together, and send them a message that their smears will only make us fight harder to end greyhound cruelty.

For the greyhounds,

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director


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