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Adoption Spotlight: ProGreyhound

Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have formed across the world to find homes for dogs discarded by the racing industry. As part of our continuing series, today we would like to spotlight the wonderful work of ProGreyhound

Dear Friends,

Located in Germany, ProGreyhound is a non-profit rescue organization which literally saves the lives of discarded racing greyhounds from the streets of Ireland. Founder Barbara Adomait is working to educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing and is a treasured ally of GREY2K USA Worldwide.

Recently, I received an urgent plea from Barbara:

Dear Christine,

I travelled to Ireland in June to rescue greyhounds from the pounds and to collect as many injured dogs as I could from the streets. Again I saw how bad the dogs are treated from Irish racing – a brindle greyhound girl was running along the streets, bleeding from her neck because they cut out her identification chip. Another black greyhound girl was beaten and she had a broken hip, broken hind leg and some broken ribs.

We are sending as many greyhounds as we can to safety in Germany and also to Sweden and Italy. It cost 150€ to transport the dogs, another 130€ for spay/neuter, plus the costs of food and veterinary care to save these precious souls. We are a very small charity with only nine volunteers and a few sustaining members but we have dedicated ourselves to saving as many greyhounds as possible.

We charge a 300€ adoption fee, but this does not even cover our costs. We need more voices for the Irish greyhounds and we humbly request greyhound friends all over the world to support our rescue efforts.

I hope my request is not outrageous.

Kind regards,

Barbara Adomait

Please join us in supporting ProGreyhound today. Every dollar you give will help save lives today and also promote the multi-national campaign to end dog racing worldwide.

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

Christine Dorchak
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Barbara Adomait tabling for the greyhounds

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