Adoption Spotlight: Greyhound Forever

Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have sprung up across the world to find homes for dogs that have been saved from the racing industry. Today, we would like to spotlight the wonderful work of Germany’s newest adoption group, Greyhound Forever.


Dear Friends,


Formed in February 2016, Greyhound Forever works to place needy greyhounds into permanent loving homes. Wolfgang Hey, one of the founders, wrote to us with big news this week:


Dear Christine and Carey,

I am writing to let you know that our Greyhound Forever adoption group has launched in Germany and we have received our first greyhounds from Ireland! 



Greyhound transit van

The greyhounds arrive


We are a team-driven group and our goal is to help rescue dogs from racetracks in other countries. Through our website, we inform the German public about greyhound cruelty around the world, with translated materials available in multiple languages. As you know, we are glad to include some great documentation right from the GREY2K USA Worldwide website.


Mark with greyhound Simon

Simon has already been adopted


Last Saturday, twelve lucky Irish greyhounds arrived in a fully air-conditioned transporter. What a beautiful sight to see! This is how greyhounds should travel, not on paper layers or straw but with their own blankets and fresh bedding! All the hounds were given a Greyhound Forever custom designed collar, harness and leash and eight have already been placed! Spectre, Bagger Man, Pixie and a puppy named Marigold are still waiting for their families and I wonder if you can let people know?
GREYT regards to USA!!

If you live in Germany, please consider adopting through Greyhound Forever. Donations are also really needed. So please join us and make a financial gift of support to this brand new, hardworking and dedicated team today.


For the greyhounds,

Christine Carey and Gina Carey Theil signature
Carey M. Theil
Executive Director
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Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

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