Do you know why greyhound eyes were smiling in June?

Dear Friends,


The month of June began in Dublin with the biggest rally against dog racing ever!


400 Irish greyhound advocates and their dogs joined guests from Australia, Italy, Macau, the United Kingdom and the United States to oppose the export of greyhounds to China’s infamous dog track, the Canidrome. 

Rally for the greyhounds in Dublin, Ireland

Rally for the greyhounds in Dublin, Ireland

We delivered our petition with over 300,000 signatures to Agriculture Minister Michael Creed and the rally ended with a march to the doors of Parliament where GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak and board member Albano Martins of ANIMA went inside to address a panel of lawmakers. 


No greyhounds have been exported to race in Macau since!


On June 14, West Virginia lawmakers passed a new budget repealing millions of dollars in racing subsidies. The next week in Great Britain, the government released its official response to the years-long statutory review of greyhound racing. Tracks will soon be required to publish information on greyhound injuries, an important first step.

Houses of ParliamentHouses of Parliament in London, England

Meanwhile, the New South Wales regulators published an analysis showing nearly 600 injuries to racing greyhounds in the first three months of 2016. A total of 34 dogs died! We believe that documentation like this, coupled with the continuing prosecutions of those involved in live lure training, is the beginning of the end of dog racing Down Under.


In Argentina on June 21, the wonderful group Proyecto Galgo testified before lawmakers for a preemptive ban on dog racing in their country. Bravo!


The month ended with a party in Paradise Valley to celebrate the end of dog racing at Tucson Greyhound Park. On June 24, GREY2K USA friends and allies joined together to cheer that Arizona has become the 40th to prohibit dog racing. The next day, volunteers in Seminole County, Florida came together to celebrate their successful signature gathering campaign to place the Greyhound Protection Act on the ballot.


A new phase of our fight to end dog racing has begun!

GREY2K USA Lobbyist Michael Preston Green

GREY2K USA Lobbyist Michael Preston Green

Florida celebration cake

Volunteers collected 18K signatures in Seminole County

Finally, as Oregon demolished its only dog track on June 28, news has now come that the Canidrome may soon be facing the same end. The Macau Business Daily is reporting that revenues plummeted 82% in 2015 and the order to close may come as soon as next month. Stay tuned for more news as we have it!
For the moment, we would like you to do two big things to help:
1. Sign all our petitions – they work! 
2. Become a monthly donor to ensure that our campaigns continue. Every dollar received ensures that we can keep fighting for greyhounds far and wide. 
The question is not IF dog racing will end, but HOW QUICKLY?
With your support, that day will come very soon.
For the greyhounds,


Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson signature

Eric Jackson
Vice President
GREY2K USA Worldwide


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