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Join a virtual beach party for the greyhounds

Dear Friends,

Wouldn't you like to see greyhounds happily relaxing on the beach instead of suffering inside small racetrack cages?

Racing greyhounds like this one shown at Tucson Greyhound Park endure lives of terrible confinement. They are kept inside warehouse-style kennels in rows of stacked cages that are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. They are confined for an average of 20 or more hours a day, with just shredded paper or carpet remnants for bedding. There are no toys for them, and no play. Read more here.

Thankfully, change is coming. When we reach our goal of ending dog racing, greyhounds will finally be loved, cherished and nurtured like other dogs, instead of being forced to suffer alone in dark cages as they are today. But we will need your help to bring greyhounds back into the sunshine.

join our virtual beach party

Since our formation in 2001, we have helped close twenty-six greyhound tracks to live racing and joined with organizations around the world to prevent the expansion of this cruel activity. We will keep pushing until dog racing ends everwhere!

Please sign up to become a monthly donor of $15 or more today. Your planned gift allows us to focus on vital efforts and ensures that we can spend more time on our campaigns and less time trying to keep the lights on! If you prefer, please make a single donation of $50 or more and we will send you a 10-pack of our "Hope at the Beach" notecards and a "Smiling Zoe" bumper sticker.

Finally, please share your own greyhound beach photos by tweeting #greyhoundbeachparty. All photos submitted with this hashtag will appear on our website.

Summer is a great time to pitch in and help the greyhounds. Take your dog to the beach, enjoy your time together, and remember that you are helping to give other greyhounds that same chance whenever you support GREY2K USA.

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director
Greyhound in Cage

Missy at the beach
Missy loves the sand

Doc prances along the water

Zoe bumper sticker


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