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Extra, extra!  Greyhounds in the news

Dear Friends,

On Friday, GREY2K USA was featured in two news stories in two different states!

In Pennsylvania, Matt Belanger of ABC Channel 4 reported on the 1,400 injuries and 100 deaths to greyhounds racing at a West Virginia dog track. Dogs broke their legs, crushed their skulls and suffered spinal injuries. While Wheeling track officials would not appear on camera, Marci Anderson of Steel City Greyhounds spoke of efforts to save as many dogs as possible.

Watch the story now.

In Florida, Chris Umpierre of the Fort Myers New-Press announced the passage of new humane rules to protect greyhounds at the state's thirteen tracks. These include a prohibition on keeping more than one dog in a racetrack cage and the implentation of weekly inspections by state officials. Sadly, regulations like these might well have prevented the deaths of dozens of greyhounds at Ebro Greyhound Park three years ago.

From now on, racing kennels will be required to keep a log of all dogs on site, and to automatically notify the state when a greyhound dies. Those who break the rules may be fined as much as $1,000 for each violation. Read more about these and other new requirements here.

As we all know, information is the key to ending dog racing. Both of these stories were the result of the research and lobbying efforts of GREY2K USA. Please go to our news page to read other media stories featuring these continuing efforts to expose the cruelty of dog racing.
Did your greyhound live in a cage?
The greyhounds need your voice too! Please help spread the word by volunteering for our public outreach efforts. Hosting rallies and tables or just sharing our information online is the first step. We will provide free brochures, wristbands and other educational items, and you do the rest.

Please also see our new online Fundly campaign in which you can post a photo of your greyhound and help educate others about the cruelty of dog racing.

team necklaceFinally, please make a donation to GREY2K USA today. $25 helps pay for the many public information requests we submit to state governments each month. $50 allows us to print over 1,000 campaign flyers. $100 helps us produce an educational YouTube video. $350 buys a local radio ad, and $1,000 or more helps us hire professional lobbyists in key racing states.

This work would be impossible without wonderful people like you joining together to help the greyounds. Thanks for being part of the GREY2K USA team!

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President, GREY2K USA

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director, GREY2K USA


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