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A student gets kisses from Rico the Greyhound
A student pets a greyhoundDear Friends,

Spring is the perfect time to spread the word to young and old that greyhound racing must end!

The GREY2K USA Education Fund is the 501(c)3 sister of GREY2K USA Worldwide and offers two free programs to help children learn about greyhound racing and promote the adoption of ex-racers worldwide.

A student reads to Rico the greyhound Our Greyhounds in the Library program links kids with adoption groups. Featuring a reading with a greyhound from the illustrated book Pele's Forever Home, each visit is intended to teach reading skills and to help little ones appreciate the beauty of greyhounds. Information is provided about local adoption opportunities and each child receives a free book and a "Save the Greyhounds" wristband, magnet and poster to take home.

Greyhounds in the Classroom is a dynamic, age-appropriate presentation for grades 5-12 to help introduce young people to greyhounds and to learn about the problems associated with dog racing. Each 30-60 minute program is designed to teach children about the gentle and loving nature of these beautiful creatures and encourage a compassionate perspective.

President Christine Dorchak at the Potter League of RIThe presentation covers:
  • The history of the greyhound

  • The realities of racing life

  • The joys of adopting a greyhound
Please support these effective programs with a tax-deductible donation or monthly pledge today! Every dollar donated will help us open young minds to the beauty of greyhounds.

Greyhound Activity KitAnd if you would like to volunteer for our programs by reading to a group of children or teaching a class, please contact us now.

You can also order a Greyhound Activity Kit to share with your own child. You will receive our “Home for Kelsey” coloring book plus a colorful “Greyhound Friends” poster and matching magnet. Please join the team!

For the greyhounds,

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Paula Blanchard
GREY2K USA Education Fund

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