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Tell Parliament that dog racing must end in New South Wales

Dear Friends,

New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, and it is also home to thirty-four dog tracks.  Industry insiders have admitted that at least 3,000 racing dogs are destroyed annually when they are no longer needed at these facilities. Local greyhound advocates believe this number to be even higher.

Your help is needed now to demand change.

A Parliamentary Inquiry into greyhound racing was launched in 2013, and hundreds of animal advocates provided documentation about the plight and maltreatment of racing greyhounds in NSW. Read GREY2K USA Worldwide's submission here. Unfortunately, the resulting report by the Select Committee on Greyhound Racing largely turns a blind eye to these concerns.

Specifically, no solutions are provided that will stop injuries and deaths of racing greyhounds and worse yet, the industry is still allowed to regulate itself. While there are some recommendations that may result in minor animal welfare improvements, the responsibility for change remains in the hands of the same owners and trainers who have been killing dogs for decades. The Select Commitee also puts off all responsibility for the export of greyhounds to countries without animal protection laws, such as Macau and China, to the federal government, despite NSW being a major supplier of the Canidrome racing track in Macau.

The NSW Government must respond to the Select Committee's report by September 29, 2014. Here's how you can help.

Sign our petition now and follow the action steps. You may also contact the Premier directly here.

The fight to end dog racing is not an easy one, but with continued efforts, change will come.Jeroen

Thanks for caring about the greyhounds,


Jeroen van Kernebeek
Australian Director
GREY2K USA Worldwide


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