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Adoption Spotlight: GAF

Hundreds of greyhound adoption groups have formed across the county to find homes for dogs discarded by the racing industry. As part of our continuing series, today we would like to spotlight the wonderful work of Marilyn Varnberg and Greyhound Adoptions of Florida.

Dear Friends,

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida works with the GREY2K USA Education Fund as part of our Greyhounds First Coalition, which has committed to giving the greyhounds of Florida access to rescue networks when tracks there begin to wind down live racing (decouple). In fact, as you read this message, greyhound advocates are in Tallahassee urging their lawmakers to support legislation to accomplish this goal. Read more about greyhound decoupling here and read more about our continuing Florida campaign here.

Headquartered in Central Florida, GAF occupies a five-acre farm that once produced greyhounds for the industry. Together, with a dedicated group of volunteers, it has transformed a former breeding farm into a haven for the greyhounds. Rescues include ex-racers, unwanted breeding broods, as well as injured and broken-legged dogs. Food alone costs thousands of dollars each month.

In recent years, GAF has even expanded its work. Marilyn wrote:

"Together with our Southeast chapter in the Carolinas and our Northeast chapter serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, we have successfully moved thousands of Florida dogs out of harm's way and into the homes of loving families. We are proud to support decoupling legislation which will remove Florida's antiquated live racing mandate from the books.

Each year countless greyhounds lose their lives after suffering a broken bone while racing. One must assume that it is not economically feasible for owners to pay for repairs on a dog who will never race again. BUT we are not owners....we are the people who work tirelessly to save the lives of these gentle souls. It takes massive amounts of funding and hard work to keep the group afloat and there is very little money left over to cover the costs of repairing broken limbs. Please help us give these desperate dogs a chance at life."

To make a contribution to Greyhound Adoptions of Florida, inquire about adoption or visit GAF's beautiful "Freedom's Garden," please go to Marilyn's web site. You may also reach her by contacting:

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
P.O. Box 955
Sparr, FL 32192-0955

Thank you for caring!

Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA

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