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Great News Senate committee votes YES to prohibit dot racing

Dear Friends,

Tuscon Racing Park It is my great pleasure to announce that a bill to end dog racing in Arizona has just passed the Senate Finance Committee by a unanimous vote! HB 2127 will make dog racing illegal on December 31, 2016. Lawmakers have expressed concern for the greyhounds and also for the nearly $10 million in tax credits that Tucson Greyhound Park has claimed since 1995.

Over the last several weeks, the people of Arizona have been learning the truth about dog racing at Tucson greyhound Park. Two dogs have died and more are suffering from what officials have called viral pneumonia. One news anchor has even called it "the racetrack where greyhounds go to die."

christine and michael Since 2015, GREY2K USA general counsel Christine Dorchak has been analyzing the state's pari-mutuel laws and along with lobbyist and fellow attorney Michael Preston Green, has found a way to end dog racing once and for all. Please read Michael's letter to the Committee here.

Now you can help make HB 2127 the law of the land too! First, please thank each member of the Senate Finance Committee for voting to help the greyhounds and sparing the state millions in future lost revenue.

You can help give Tuscon's greyhounds the second chance they deserve!

Chairperson Senator Debbie Lesko (R)
(602) 926-5413

Vice Chairperson Steve Yarbrough (R)
(602) 926-5863

Member, Senator Steve Farley (D)
(602) 926-3022

Member Lynne Pancrazi (D)
(602) 926-3004

Member, Kimberly Yee (R)
(602) 926-3024

Then, please contact your own State Senator and your State Representative and ask each of them to VOTE YES ON HB 2127 when it comes to the floor. Be sure to give your full name and contact information with your request. Here's a link to identify your state lawmakers.

HB 2127 could be heard in a matter of days so please act now!

Sample message:

I am writing to ask you to support HB 2127, which will prohibit the cruelty of dog racing in Arizona by December 31, 2016. Ending dog racing will also remove the requirement that our state continue to subsidize Tucson Greyhound Park as it has done for more than twenty years.

Please support this common sense measure, which is supported by Tucson Greyhound Park itself.

ArizonaThanks for helping greyhounds like me! Together, we can close the worst dog track in the United States by the end of the year.


Top Dog




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