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Great News! Florida lawmakers approved injury reporting!
Dear Friends,

Great news! Florida has approved a requirement that greyhound injuries be disclosed to the public for the first time. This is a direct result of all the hard work by greyhound advocates like you who made calls, wrote letters and spoke up for the greyhounds over the last several years!

carey and marcHere's what happened on Friday: After a stand-alone bill failed, greyhound friendly lawmakers turned around and included a direct provision in the state budget to require the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering to make new rules requiring that greyhound injuries be reported. This is a huge step forward for everyone in Florida who cares about greyhounds and will help us to substantially reduce the suffering of these gentle dogs.

In the coming months, we must urge the state to pass the strongest possible reporting rule. We will need your help, and will be in touch soon about this campaign.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to fight for a local ballot question in Seminole County called the Greyhound Protection Act. This important humane proposal will not only require injury reporting, but also eliminate a special interest loophole that exempts greyhounds from the County's licensing, inspection and humane standards laws. Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, we have already collected thousands of signatures in Seminole County. If you live nearby, please contact and lend a hand today!

Finally, please take a moment to thank the following three greyhound friendly legislators who helped make Friday's incredible victory possible. Our work depends on having the leadership of lawmakers who are willing to stand up for the dogs.

State Representative Jared Moskowitz

State Senator Eleanor Sobel

State Senator Tom lee

donateFor years, greyhound breeders have fought injury reporting because they don't want the public to know how many dogs are being hurt. Finally, their dirty little secrets are going to be exposed. Together, I know that we can win many other victories for Florida greyhounds in the years to come!

For the dogs,

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
Christine Dorchak

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director
Carey Theil



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