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URGENT: Act Now for Florida Greyhounds

Dear friends,

In the next 48 hours, a bill to overhaul the state’s gambling laws is scheduled to receive final committee votes in the Florida House and Senate. The proposal includes important new greyhound protection laws, including greyhound decoupling!

If greyhound decoupling is approved, it will lead to a major reduction of dog racing in the state and the closure of several tracks altogether. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help these beautiful dogs, and they need your help right now. Please take a few moments and call the lawmakers below. Ask them to Vote Yes on Any Bill that Includes Greyhound Decoupling. Also consider making the following points:

  • According to state records, a greyhound dies every three days at Florida dog tracks. Also, thousands of dogs endure lives of confinement at these facilities, kept in small cages for long hours each day.
  • Dogs are suffering and dying needlessly for an industry that is no longer profitable. Even the state is losing money on greyhound racing, because the cost of regulation exceeds gambling revenues.
  • It is wrong for the state to mandate greyhound racing. Decoupling will fix this problem, and help thousands of dogs.

Please call as many of these lawmakers as possible, and ask them to vote Yes for the Dogs on Greyhound Decoupling.

   Senator Tom Lee

   (850) 487-5024

   Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto

   (850) 487-5030

   Senator Thad Altman

   (850) 487-5016     

   Senator Anitere Flores

   (850) 487-5037

   Senator Rene Garcia

   (850) 487-5038

   Senator Denise Grimsley

   (850) 487-5021

   Senator Alan Hays

   (850) 487-5011

   Senator Dorothy Hukill

   (850) 487-5008

   Senator Arthenia Joyner

   (850) 487-5019

   Senator Jack Latvala

   (850) 487-5020

   Senator Gwen Margolis

   (850) 487-5035

   Senator Bill Montford

   (850) 487-5003

   Senator Jeremy Ring

   (850) 487-5029

   Senator David Simmons

   (850) 487-5010

   Senator Chris Smith

   (850) 487-5031

We are closer than ever to passing this important law. Let’s give every greyhound in Florida a voice!

For the dogs,

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director


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