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Greyhound live baiting expose shocks Australia

Dear Friends,

Undercover operations by Australian organizations Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland in three Australian states have uncovered the widespread practice of 'live baiting' by Australian greyhound trainers. Footage of little piglets, rabbits and possums tied to a lure as they are chased and mauled by greyhounds have shocked the nation.

GREY2K USA Worldwide is supporting our Australian colleagues in a campaign to expose this dark side of greyhound racing. Please go to the website to take action.

At least 70 trainers have been implicated in this cruel and criminal activity, including the absolute 'top' of the sport. Formal complaints have been lodged and raids conducted so many of them are up for prosecution. Even as industry bodies acted surprised, many insiders have admitted that it was common industry knowledge that this was happening.

The media coverage and fall out has been enormous. MPs are calling for the industry to be banned, dozens of trainers are suspended, greyhounds seized, trial tracks closed, state governments have initiated independent reviews of the industry's governance, industry awards nights are cancelled and lucrative sponsor contracts have been terminated.

This news is devastating the industry country wide, and the plight of greyhounds is now squarely on the agenda.  Many small animals have already been spared horrendous suffering.

GREY2K USA Worldwide, as the only organization dedicated to fighting for greyhounds all over the world, is supporting our Australian colleagues to capitalize on this momentum to end greyhound racing in Australia.

Please join me and go to the campaign website to help save greyhounds, piglets, possums and rabbits from further abuse. Please also support us with a donation so that we can continue to fight for greyhounds everywhere in the world.

For the greyhounds,


Jeroen van Kernebeek
Australian Director
GREY2K USA Worldwide


P.S. Greyhound adoption groups are currently being inundated with requests from greyhound trainers to take their dogs. If you are in Australia, please consider fostering or adopting a greyhound. You can find a list on our adoption page.


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