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Innocent dogs are suffering, please sign our petition
Dear Friends,

Here’s your chance to help end dog racing nationwide.

At GREY2K USA Worldwide, we are working hard to pass laws to protect greyhounds. As a non-profit 501(c)4 advocacy organization, we tenaciously lobby across the United States and abroad without limits. We engage in bi-partisan political campaigns, and work hard to educate the public about the cruelty visited on greyhounds wherever dog tracks and breeding farms exist.

Thankfully, since our formation in 2001, the American dog racing business has been more than cut in half. That’s right, the amount wagered on dogs has declined by 68%, leading to the closure of tracks like Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas and Bluffs Run in Iowa just last month! Where there were once 49 tracks operating in fifteen states, now there remain just 19 tracks in six states. Meanwhile, the number of animals bred for racing was dramatically reduced from 27,000 to 10,000.

But there is still so much more to do.

It is because of you that we have forged so many legislative victories for dogs and it is because of you that we will eventually see greyhound racing end for good. Today, I am asking for your help and for your financial support as well, not just so we can fight, but so we can win.

Please help us give all the greyhounds the second chance they deserve. Sign our petition to all the governors of racing states now. From Governor Doug Ducey in Arizona to Rick Scott in Florida and Earl Ray Tomblin in West Virginia, the heads of every racing state need to hear from you!

To help the hounds even more, please also consider sending each governor a personal message of your own. Just click here for a hyperlinked list of their official contact pages and mailing addresses. Be sure to tell each governor that 1) greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane and 2) that you would like their support of any and all legislation to prohibit it this year. If you would like to send a more detailed note, please refer to our national fact sheet or go to our racing map and click on the state you are researching.

Finally, we have just a few of our Greyhound Freedom 2016 calendars remaining. Get yours today and read the history of our work on every page, along with beautiful pictures of rescued greyhounds just like me.

For the greyhounds,


Top Dog




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GREY2K USA Worldwide is a non-profit 501(c)4 advocacy organization located at 7 Central Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02476. 100% of donations support our mission to end dog racing. We are grateful for personal and corporate contributions. Because GREY2K USA lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible.

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