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Help Keep Dog Racing Out of Colorado

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, your lawmakers will hear a bill to remove dog racing from Colorado law, effectively stopping this cruel activity from ever returning to the state. If HB-1146 is passed into law, Colorado will become the 39th state to make dog racing illegal.

Although the last Colorado greyhound track closed in 2008, new facilities could open up at any time - unless we act now!

Please contact the members of the House Business, Labor, Economic and Workforce Development Committee now and ask each member to please 'VOTE YES ON HB-1146." Give your name, city of residence and let lawmakers know that dog racing is a losing business for the state and for the greyhounds

Angela Williams (Chair),, 303-866-2909
Tracy Kraft-Tharp (Vice Chair),, 303-866-2950
Thomas (Tony) Exum,, 303-866-3069
Millie Hamner,, 303-866-2952
Chris Holbert,, 303-866-2933
Clarice Navarro,, 303-866-2905
Dan Nordberg,, 303-866-2965
Paul Rosenthal,, 303-866-2910
Su Ryden,, 303-866-2942
Libby Szabo,, 303-866-2962
Jared Wright,, 303-866-2583

The facts speak for themselves:Cloverleaf Auction

  • Since the state's legalization of greyhound racing in 1948, five greyhound race tracks have opened and closed for business in Colorado. Interest in greyhound racing suffered such catastrophic declines that only one track survived by 2007. Mile High Greyhound Park in Commerce City reported a loss of $700,000 and ended live racing in 2008

  • At commercial racetracks, greyhounds endure lives of terrible confinement and are kept in warehouse-style kennels, cages that are barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around.

  • Between 1993 and 2007, 2,636 greyhound injuries were reported at Colorado tracks. Injuries included broken legs and fractured spines.

Learn more and read our full report on greyhound racing in Colorado here. You may also read our bill fact sheet here.

Thirty-eight states have made dog racing illegal. Let's add Colorado to that list!

Please make your calls today!

For the greyhounds,

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
Christine Dorchak

Carey M. Theil
Executive Director
Carey Theil



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