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Thanks to Len Ziolkowski for making this video showing a Super Bowl of the Greyts!

On November 22, GREY2K USA learned that Skechers had filmed a commercial at Tucson Greyhound Park featuring greyhound dogs in running jackets pitted against a small dog wearing Skechers sneakers.

We wrote to the company and asked you to join us  in asking for this misguided promotion to be cancelled. Thankfully, thousands of greyhound advocates around the world signed our petition and also sent direct e-mails to company officials.

However, Skechers refused to listen to these humane concerns and debuted the ad on Super Bowl Sunday.  We are not waiting to find out if this dog racing promotion will continue to air.

Until we receive word that their dog racing ad will no longer air...


Sign our updated petition letting Skechers know you will be boycotting their products based on their decision to go forward with the commercial.

You may also write to them directly as follows:

Let your voice be heard loudly for the greyhounds!

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No Sketchers
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Congrats to the Photo Contest Winners!

Poop Factory
Bell of Florida, Gary Householder

Franklin (greyhound) and Japetto (donkey) of Delaware, Maureen Moss

Rip says Skechers needs obediance traning, Beth Premetz
of Indiana

Draco of Connecticut, Pat Kirby

Hear my plea

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